Video: Nigerian In Canada Vows To Burn Passport Over Frustration From Nigerian Embassy In Ottawa

GE admin August 24, 2013 1

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We are sorry to say but, this is true of all the Nigerian consulates in the top countries- UK, USA, Canada, Germany etc. All these countries treat Nigerians like trash in their embassies and now Nigerian embassies in these countries too.

A case in point, Nigerian High Commission in Atlanta, USA has 5 lines which they claim anyone can reach them on. There has never been a time any of our calls was received and if you think a voice mail will do, dream on. They have never gotten back to anyone. Worse still is their publicized inquiry e-mail which is not functional. This is so pathetic.

In Ottawa, Canada recently people who flew, drove or took the bus to come renew their passports express their frustration at the lack of notice about an office closure.

They claim that they have all scheduled appointments with the embassy for the renewal of their Nigerian passports only to arrive at the consulate to find notice of closure without prior notification. A particularly painful scenario is that of Oluwakemi Ola, a Nigerian student in Canada who spent $300 transporting herself to the embassy, slept in the bus station and would repeat the same thing if eventually her appointment is rescheduled.

Watch the video below:

Nigerian Ambassador to Canada should act fast on this…..

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  1. Catherine peters August 24, 2013 at 16:04 - Reply

    I don’t have any interest in any office or post in Nigeria,but in as much as we have some flaws inipublic offices of our country.i disagree with this writer.i used to have this kind of idea and hear this kind of stories about our embassies not until my passport expired in may2013,I went and did all the necessary payment and form filling online,went on my appointment day ,to my surprise it was a different story I have been hearing about the services about the embassy in Ottawa . We were servered with no delay and in less than one week I received my family passport. Not only did I noticed this but people who had appointment on the same day praised the woman who was in charge by narrating stories of her hardwork ever since she took over

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