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A blogger Ese Walter recounts her affair with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA (Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly) Abuja chapter in a very ‘revealing’ article.  Read her encounter below as culled from her Website



This article contains stories that most ‘church people’ don’t want to address. So, if you are one of those living in denial and covering up crap going on in the church, this is where you should stop reading. Thanks for stopping by.


Now, for the rest of us, please sit down and switch on your open mind. I want to talk about something I have kept bottled up inside for longer than necessary. I have also decided to use real names, as my defense for any accusation of slander is justification. I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. However, feel free to throw your doubt around but know that I am past the shaming game (where victims of abuse are shot down by blame) I am no longer a victim but a survivor who is sharing her experience to help others caught in same web of abuse, guilt and shame. We only get to live once right? So here, it goes…

I recently came to know this event too was abuse (recently here means about 6 months ago). It has literally been eating me up having to drive by another billboard advertising preachers, or hearing his name, or even trying to ask about the validity of the entire salvation story and whether or not there is a God that truly watches over his people. That being said, I’m just going to say it as it is. This is a recap of my affair with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA (Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly) Abuja chapter. This affair I have come to know as a form of abuse as you would see the different elements of abuse very present.

I met Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo many years ago. I was getting bored of the church I was attending and someone suggested COZA. At the time, I had never heard about it. My friend said, go there, I’m sure you would enjoy the word. But he also gave me a strong warning. He said he would advice that I remain a member only and not join the workforce. I agreed. The first time I attended COZA, I felt it was my church and decided I was going to plant my ass there. About eleven months had gone by and I was still attending the services quietly and faithfully. I really did like the church. One day a worker in the church approached me that the senior pastor wanted to see me.

Me? I thought. Why would the senior pastor want to see me? Not the second man but the head nigga in charge? Ok na! I started to think my sin was oozing so bad the pastor could tell I needed Jesus. (Poor old me.) I saw him at the end of the second service (they had two services at the time) and he said to me that he would like me to work with him. I knew I had no intentions of becoming a pastor so I had to ask in what capacity. He said he’d like for me to join a department, preferably the Pastoral Care Unit (PCU).

A few weeks later, against my friend’s advice not to join the workforce, I was a PCU member. All of a sudden, I had some status in church. I was ‘somebody.’ Dress had to be on point, hair, shoes and what not… As workers, we were literally trying to outshine each other or so it seemed. Anyways, I felt like I was a privileged member of an elite circle. Hehehe. (It did feel good though, for the most part.)

About a year after joining the workforce, I was on my way to London for a Masters degree program that would last two years. As was the rule for workers travelling, I wrote to say I would be away for 2 years and Pastor Biodun Fotoyinbo asked that I keep in touch by sending him my number and email when I had settled in London so he “makes sure I continue in the faith” because according to him, people loose their faith when they leave home and he wanted to make sure I didn’t. So, on that note, as soon as I got a phone line in London, I was sure to call ‘my pastor’ to say I arrived safe, had settled in and also gave my phone number.

We had spoken a few times especially when COZA started to stream online. I always watched and would give feedback on quality of production and share a little bit on the challenges I faced settling in a new land. One evening, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo called me that he was coming to London and needed me to help him make some hotel bookings as the person who was meant to do it couldn’t get it done (this was rather strange as I had never been involved in his travel itinerary) Later that day, he said it had been sorted and my help would not be required but that he would like me to arrange a cab to pick him up from Heathrow. I was happy to help my pastor from Nigeria and even saw it as a privilege. (I would later come to learn that all of this was a calculated attempt to hatch a plan that I suspect was set in motion when I was asked to join the workforce.)

The cab guy was there to get him the next day and when he arrived, he called to ask why I didn’t accompany the cab to pick him up (again, this was strange but I stopped my mind from overanalyzing the situation as I knew I had no business with his visit to London) About two hours later, he called me and said he would like to see me. When I arrived his hotel, I called from the reception but he asked that I come upstairs. I got to the room and tried to stop my mind from thinking why I was going to his room. As he opened the door and invited me in, I had to speak to my heart to stop its palpitations. My better judgment asked me not to go into the room but the kind of reverence I had for Pasotr Biodun Fatoyinbo bordered on fear and I steeped into that room.

“Care for a drink?” Asked Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

“No sir,” I said.

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  1. meeee August 23, 2013 at 14:32 - Reply

    What does the pastor have to say for himself…..This is a big disgrace to you as a lady for sleeping with your pastor ,would decide what to say to the pastor when i read his side of the story

  2. Successlowo August 23, 2013 at 16:12 - Reply

    My dear Ese, i must confess i like ur boldness to confess. If d story here is true, den God has forgiven u and pls do not go back into sin again. The scripture rightly says for all have sinned and have come short of d Glory of God. So, u’re not d first, thank God for a gud conscience dat awakened u up to ur senses. There are so many girls in ur shoes who av been carried away by Men of God supposedly holiness but failed to check dem by thier fruit. ‘by their fruit we shall know them’ I wuld av blamed u, but i see u were not spiritually strong to resist such temptation, as i guess then, u wuld av given it to ur boyfrnd with no qualms, how much more ur so cald spiritual father who was ready to teach u a ‘new level of Grace’ to make ur sins justifiable ‘shall we continue in sin and pray dat Grace abounds?’ as for d Pastor, d judgement is in Gods hand. Ese, pls for d sake of next tym, dnt mention d name directly, just share ur story so it won’t look like a scandal. God bless you. Note: give ur life wholly to Christ cos he alone can help u. Love you.

  3. MOG August 23, 2013 at 20:42 - Reply

    My dear sister, YOU CAUSED IT.

    While, I am of the opinion that both of you are adults and you had consensual sex, you should be bold enough to say NO. This has nothing to do with SPIRITUAL MATURITY. This is PURE COMMON SENSE.

    Non-Christians also face these issues and their answers will be CAPITAL NO. You do not need to regard anyone to the extent of yielding your body to them, because YOU WILL ACCOUNT FOR HOW YOU USED IT.

    PERSISTENT SEX and AFFAIR for 1 week is not a joke, you should know what you want and learn how to bluntly say NO.

    Although I am not giving the pastor a clean sheet, but NO SANE adult will blame him.

    This can be taken as defamation of character on the Pastor’s side.

  4. Henry August 23, 2013 at 22:57 - Reply

    My dear Ese, it is unfortunate if this incident happened. However I must with a clear conscience query your motive for writing this. You clearly mentioned that you with your two legs walked to the pastors laps and sat, kissed him and had consented sex with him. I think you are the one to cover your face on shame because you willingly sold your pride fora moment of “pleasure”.

    To me I think the moment you should have cried out was at the first overture – “come and sit on my laps”; “kiss me”… You quite know the scriptures and that he is your pastor then and you yielded. When you did, you have no moral justification to cry foul. I also did not see any element of abuse, sexual harassment from your writing. In fact in some cases, you used your card to make reservation for your meeting.

    I want to say that “men of God” are mere humans like any other flesh and blood. No one should live his or her life depending on the utterances of any man of God which is against the scriptures. YOU HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME – you are an adult, literate, spiritual. You consented, freely and willingly.

    By my opinion, I do not approve of the pastors conduct if he did so.

    Ese, you did not do well. Furthermore you choose the wrong medium for your healing which I’m sure will be far fetched through this medium. Delete this, turn to Christ wholeheartedly and God will fight for you for Vengeance is His. May God give you wisdom.

  5. Ben wealth August 24, 2013 at 17:39 - Reply

    Men and Brethren according to Ese Walter “She has been abused, she has scarce that she isn’t ashame of, she has been abused by men; boyfriends, familys and ex pastors; only her? and that she is ready for whatever may be the consequence of her actions drawn from her confession, and that she has gathered her evidence even though she is not ready to prove anything else from just freeing herself, and she is ready to receive any insult, condemnation, blame that might come from we the readers!!

    From the above statement summarised from Ese Walter claim and those contend as written in Ese Walter write up, please just be a fair listener, from her claims is she looking for salvation, has she gotten the salvation she is after? Has she preach the good news to save lives for the kingdom of God or has she just given the enemy called Satan a helping hand by making many christians suspect their faith and their gifted leaders? Is God on any advantage or Satan?

    I supposed Ese walter is not looking for salvation she is after retaliation!!

    My question is Why did Ese Walter not mentioning how she got convicted, how she gave her life back to Christ, How she has reconnected back to Gods salvation found in Jesus Christ our Lord.

    For the man of God, Even if its true, he may have asked for forgiveness and thus repent from his sin and God will welcome him back. He is answerable to God and not to us. If we judge him is it for the sin he will commit tomorrow that we will not sin that we judge and condemned him or for the perfection every other man of God holds that we think he is not perfect in?

    A teacher of the word of God is not perfect therein what he teaches but is made perfect will he teach you what you need to know as to fulfilling his own duty. Paul said we die daily, forsaking many things just to be an instrument in the hand of God.

    Ese Walter is likend to a pharisee who is imperfect in herself yet wants another imperfect man to be condemned for a sin they both commit as she claimed.

    True repentance does not come from internet confession, it doesn’t come from face book, if you have truly repented I think you should cry out and make your way to the altar.

    Jesus warn us of those who are quick to find faults in the life of Gods people and warns us to work towards salvation.

    For all have all sin and come short of the glory of God but if we confess to God he is just and faithful to forgive us and cleans us from every work of un righteousness but if we cover our sins we shall not prosper.

    My dear brethrens, God has forgiven us of our sins, but for Ese who want to blackmail God, and his servant before whom the Reverend is answerable to, will equally come out oneday to confess that she was paid to bring down Gods kingdom because its not only CoZa members that is now questioning the genuine state of their preachers.

    Just like us preachers also and striving to make it into Gods kingdom. According to St Paul who said “I am pressing daily to live up to what I preach so that at the end I paul won’t be cast away”

    Ese Walter has done more to the kingdom of God than what she may think she did to Pastor Biodum Fatiyonbo, I pray and encourage us to watch and pray less we fall snare into the hand of devil. Many people has turned away from God today than we may think Ese Walter confession will draw them to God.

    What we preach is Grace… Come as you are and meet God, and through Jesus Christ finished work on calvary, you will be saved. Its not by our power lest anyman should boast. Its a gift that God has given to us through Christ Jesus then we ought to live according to Gods ordinance as imperfect people striving for perfection. Amen

    She sound like she has been wounded by men that she has developed strong will which may be seen as a strong criminal quality only used for a scandal against COZA pastor!

    Is this pastor her target? If someone else in the church is a victim of the same mess Ese walter confess and Ese Walter is bold to call the name of the pastor without mentioning their names does that give any of us a course to wonder why did she focus only on the clergy man?

    She hasn’t repented from her immoral acts because she still claim that she is a woman that can be bended but not breakable. This is a strong word from someone who has just thought of repentance because the scripture encourage us to be of contrite and a broken spirit before God will hear our prayers and grant us genuine

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