‘I Was Afraid Of Not Making Heaven, If I Died’- Vast of Bracket

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In an interview with Saturday beats last week, Vast of bracket narrates how his sickness started and how he was advised by doctors to stay away from unprotected sex.

According to him, the doctors said that if he got a girl pregnant, the baby may not form well as the effects of the chemotherapy had not yet worn off. read it below:

“It all started when we went on an American tour and I started feeling feverish. I found myself taking my bath with hot water even on a very hot day. That was when I started noticing something was wrong. I noticed that whenever I drank alcohol, the fever would come in an aggressive way. I eventually went to a hospital in London.

The doctor told me not to worry that everything would be fine. He said to start the treatment, they would have to do something that would allow them take something from my spine. It was a very painful procedure.” There was a time that I felt I would die.

My only fear was that I was not close to God. I was afraid that if I died, I would not make it to heaven. We musicians have a particular lifestyle. You may plan to be upright, but when you go into entertainment business, it would change you. I was regretting that I was not close to God. I did not want to go to hell. I felt so happy that I survived.

I later did a blood test and they said i was okay. The treatment cost me about £58,000. I was supported by some close friends like P-Square, KCee, Flavour and a London-based friend, Ugonna, who offered me both accommodation and about £30,000. “After the treatment, I did two other tests and the doctors confirmed that I was okay. After three months, I am meant to go for a PET scan. I could remember that before the treatment, we had a meeting and agreed that we had to bring £50,000. After the seventh chemotherapy session, the whole money finished. They had to send more £8,000 into the account I was using. The last time I went to withdraw money, what was left there was £120. So I used about £58,000.

I was warned by the doctors to stay away from unprotected sex for about three months. They said if i impregnate a girl, the baby may not form normally as i still have residues of the chemotherapy in my system.

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