Identical Twins With Same DNA In Court For Rape Charges.

GE admin August 21, 2013 0

Twins 2

These identical twin brothers have appeared in court charged with raping a woman as they cannot be told apart by their DNA.

Mohammed and Aftab Asghar were arrested after evidence taken from the scene of the crime linked the alleged crime to one or both of them. Meanwhile, prosecutors have charged both siblings as they are unable to tell which one of the two is the suspected sex attacker.

Police are continuing their investigation to try to determine whether they should pursue the case against both men. The 22-year-olds were expected to enter pleas when they appeared alongside each other in the dock.

Prosecutor Sandra Beck said: “It is an unusual case. They are identical twins. The allegation is one of rape. ”There is further work due and there is an indication which would tend to support that one was not at the location.

“It may mean that only one of the defendants faces trial.” More news as it unfolds……….




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