A Sitting LG Chairman In Nigeria Arrested In The US For Smuggling $82,000 Into The Country

GE admin August 19, 2013 0

Nse Ntuen

The Maryland State Police Department, USA, yesterday confirmed the arrest of the Executive Chairman of Udim Local Government in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Nse Ntuen, for smuggling $82, 000 into the United States without declaring it with the Customs officials both in Nigeria and the US.

Nse  Ntuen, was arrested on Friday by operatives of the Maryland State Police Department at the BWI International Airport, Baltimore. According to the Police, he declared only $5,000 before the rest of the money was found in his bag.

He later admitted he truly smuggled the money into the country with the aim to use it as donations at the just-concluded Annual International Convention of the Akwa Ibom Indigenes in the United States and Canada which was held at the Marriot Hotel in Washington, DC on saturday.

Shouldn’t he be slapped for that statement? Are there no other legitimate ways of donating without necessarily smuggling?

Anyways, he was later released after 5 hours in custody and the money seized.

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