Female Undergraduate Discovers Ants In Her Private Part After S*x With Yahoo BF

GE admin June 29, 2013 0

Vera 1

It was a tale of remorse as Vera, 21, an undergraduate student of Tai Solarin University of Education, narrated her near-death ordeal in the hands of her boyfriend, “Jide” who is a cyber crime expert.

She had been showered with gifts without measure until the day of reckoning came by.

In her words, “We then had sex and immediately he jumped up and said he had something to do for his father. He dressed up quickly and dropped some money on the bed and left. I immediately went to the bathroom to clean up, as soon as I removed the condom; I saw worms and big black ants inside it.

I screamed and ran out, but he had driven out of the compound. If I had not used the female condom, all those worms were meant to enter inside me and kill me as part of the money ritual process.”

To ladies in the same pathway, remember the age-long saying: all that glitters is not gold. There is no free lunch in Freetown; there is no such thing as something for nothing.



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