KC (KC Presh) And Ebube Nwagbo Are Still Dating Despite KC’s Marriage Crash

GE admin June 11, 2013 1

Ebube Nwagbo


Reports from a Nigerian Gossip site, reveals the unspoken story between Kingsley Okonkwo of KC Presh duo and actress Ebube Nwagbo.

According to the report; Kingsley is still having it good with his former fiancée, Ebube Nwagbo, and is reported to have been responsible for all the posh cars Ebube has been brandishing for some time now. From the Hummer 3 to her latest fleet, Porsche Panamera worth 18 million naira.

Aside stating it in a recent interview that his wife and kids are past tense in his life, the Limpopo crooner also said that till date, he doesn’t know their whereabouts. Meanwhile, news from grapevine revealed that the marriage crashed a few months ago and that while KC was still married he was simultaneously enjoying a private romance with Ebube Nwagbo, a reason many believe contributed immensely to why his marriage crashed.

Now there are serious indications that KC is still seeing Ebube and they are not hiding it anymore.

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  1. munchie June 11, 2013 at 10:03 - Reply

    hw much money is kc worth dat he is gonna buy all dat xpensive cars for ebube,investigate ur stories very well b4 publishin,dey might be togeda but about all her cars its not true

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