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January 15th, 2013  GE admin  No Comments »

A Nigerian adage says: “If lies travel for 20 years, the truth will catch up with it in just one day”, and that one day has finally arrived for shamed cyclist, Lance Armstrong, who has come out to confess that he actually used illegal performance-enhancing drugs during competition.

Lance opened up during a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in his Austin, Texas home on Monday, January 14 2013.

In a pre-confession drive, Lance made a stop at the Livestrong Foundation, which he founded, and said, ‘I’m sorry’ to staff members, some of whom broke down in tears.

He said he would try to restore the foundation’s reputation, and urged the group to continue fighting for the charity’s mission of helping cancer patients and their families.

Rae Bazzarre, a spokeswoman for Livestrong said it was emotional ‘but we were all glad to see him.’

After the interview, Oprah said Lance “came ready” for the interview and answered her questions beyond her imaginations.

It is not clear whether, with his confession, the U.S anti-doping agency will soften their stand on his lifetime ban for what they tagged “the most sophisticated doping program on the planet”.


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