Tee Mac Iseli Apologizes To Bishop Oyedepo For Calling Him A Fraudster

GE admin October 9, 2012 1

Our dear Mr. Tee Mac Iseli has issued a public apology over his unsubstantiated and insensitive comment calling Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel a “money grabbing fraudster”.

Instead of him to issue his apologies and shut his mouth, he went ahead and hurl insults at bloggers who posted comments made by celebrities because they have nothing else to write (like he was quoted out of context or was lied against).

Before you go on to read his lamentation, you might want to first read his previous comment here.

Now if you still have time you can read his arrogant apology below…

Hope the man of God will be magnanimous enough to reconsider your quarry company as a contractor with his ministry so that you can have money to live on.


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  1. Fransmith January 4, 2014 at 02:46 - Reply

    May Exceeding Grace of God favour u you and forgive U for what you said before in ignorance as for God servant Bishop David Oyedepo,he is too busy to be angry with any man.I am not sure that that person who will voice out anything that will make him angry is yet born.Just as God continue to Love us no matter how many times we go against his commands,he tought us to do same.I.e we should never carry someone on our minds.so i think Sir,the best person you can ask forgiveness from for speaking in ignorance against his servant is GOD and GOD alone.

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