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February 14th, 2012  GE admin  11 Comments »

With one his women –Pero Adeniyi on the verge of delivering his sixth child, serial womanizer and music star Tuface Idibia on Valentine’s night proposed to Annie Macaulay, who happens to be one the women that bore him children.

We noticed that many people were congratulating the couple on their engagement, but with all respect to the lady involved, her engagement should not be seen as a triumph over the soul of Tuface who was, is, and will still be involved with other women in his life (sure banker).

The proposal to another woman at a club was insensitive when you have another woman pregnant with your third child.

Common people, this is absolutely ridiculous and the lady should be pitied rather than being congratulated.

We hope this will not be a reincarnate of Kim Kardashian’s drive-thru marriage.

Abuses and insults from his fans, friends and fri-enemies are welcomed.


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11 Responses to “Serial Womanizer, Tuface Idibia, Proposes To One Of His Baby Mama”

  1. LALA says:

    y should abuses and insults be welcomed,ehen- GISTEXPRESS, Y??????? i think you should rephrase that statement and say ‘your honest opinion is welcomed’… After all said and done,my dear Annie,please i love you so much but do not rush into this,take your time,study and think about this whole proposal ‘fins’ TUFACE will soooooo CHEATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT on you not only with his baby mamas but with other fresh oyoyos!!

  2. Modupe says:

    My thoughts exactly gist express,but i also think the lady,Annie love unneccessary attention,and coupled with the gifts and money she receives from him.She is holding on to what is not real.Once a cheat,always a cheat.Time will tell if we are wrong of if she is.Lets see what happens in 2years

  3. Girlmay says:

    What were u expectn?after all anne was his girlfriend b4 he made it big.the odas cme aftr he had arrived.and wt makes u guys tink anne doesnt no 2face will cheat on her?of cos she nos but so long as she is d woman who wil be recognizd legally as his wife,who cares?annie i say congrats jare.after all almst all men weda celebs or not,cheat on dia wives.jus cos its 2face,all d cheatn bastards r tryn to act lyk saints.no woman shd com n reap where anne has sown.once more i say congrats annie.

    • Somsy says:

      @girlmay…thanks for that honest truth,am still happy for Annie Macauley, after everything he still recognise her as his first industry Love.

  4. Motun says:

    I ve neva been this disappointed in journalism until this moment.i thot ur job is to report d news n let d public express it view? Is this what free n fair journalism is all about? Pls take this down n report it properly,its so dissappointing n totally unproffesional.i wish i had not seen this its sickening!!!

  5. tobi says:

    dat s wat i wnt 2face married 2 annie, nice couple…TANK GOD…,My dream come true…….

  6. tiffany diamond says:

    annie i am so happy for u, this will show lesson to those that want to reap were they did not sown,the girl pregnant should be ashame of herself by now annie go gurl congratulations GOD is not sleepinguna be want make our africa queen leave her boy frd una no serious yeye girls

  7. tiffany diamond says:

    those 2 ugly baby mamas wanted our africa queen to leave her long time boy frd they are dreaming stupid bitches hissssssss they will learn frm this congrat annie

  8. ghono says:

    annie baby am happy for u jare…go girl,u rock!fact is all men are cheats,jus need one special woman..he proved u are d one special one for him..kiss kiss

  9. John kaf says:

    You really tried of rememberin’ her again!!!

  10. Toni. says:

    This is yet another flaw from GistExpress. Good journalism entails neutrality, but u seen not to know about dis. Ur duty is to publish articles, not trying to whip up cheap sentiments by attempting to foist ur personal views on d general public. Pls take note!

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