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November 17th, 2011  GE admin  14 Comments »

A South African genius, Sonette Ehlers, has put her ingenuity to work by inventing a new anti-rape device trap with rows of razor-sharp hooks designed to be worn internally by women. The product named Rapex, latches on to a rapist’s penis during penetration and can only be removed by a doctor.

Many anti-rape crusaders in the country are said to be against the invention because of the perception that women are being made to adapt to rape, while some fears that inflicting pain on a rapist could be incite greater harm on women.

Sonette, however, is adamant that desperate times call for desperate measures because South Africa has the world’s highest rate of sexual assault: a staggering 1.7m women are being raped each year. She believes the product, priced at 1Rand (12 U.S Cents), will be particularly useful for poorer black women who walk long distances to and from work.

“With state intervention frustratingly slow, Ehlers argues this ugly version of empowerment is justified. I don’t hate men; I have not got revenge in mind. All I am doing is giving women their power back.”

Hopefully there is another invention in the pipeline for Zimbabwean men.

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14 Responses to “South African Woman Invents Anti-Rape Device”

  1. SAINTemnma says:


  2. idahosa sandra says:

    i love dat kudos sonette u re wndaful.guyz b warnd

  3. bestofluck says:

    This is excellent to deal with those idiots who takes joy in abusing women against their will

  4. kunle says:

    it is bad because those that are not involved or have a bad mind will be punished for undeserved punishment.Infact, their husbands may also be a victim of this anti rape device, so let think well so that innocent people will not be punished as well.

  5. kunle says:

    moreover, the rate of killing will be escalated, because by the time the men noticed this in a woman, they will not hesitate to kill the instantly at that moment.

  6. kunle says:

    let us holds to our religion, whether Islam,Christianity or whatever ur religion may be, there is no religion that encourage rape and other related crimes like gay, lesbeanism e.t.c
    Let follow what our religion to a reasonable extent.

  7. Teri in VA says:

    So, where would one purchase such a device? I have seen where this type of device is made, used, etc…but don’t see where it is sold. Where do they buy it?? Is it available on-line?

  8. Katherine says:

    I do not believe women will be instantly killed. I think that once this condom penetrates a mans penis, the pain would be excruciating. Thus allowing her the opportunity to flee. Yes, it perhaps could be used by a vengeful wife but better that than a gun.

    I would like to know where you can purchase this as I have three 20 something daughters who will be traveling abroad and feel they would wear this everyday !

    As well, when showing up at the emergency room, a man would have to define himself. As either a rapist or a husband. Then, the proper charges could be filed, against the rapist or an angry wife.

  9. Amanda says:

    GooD for you sonette! People are so unbelievable, saying women are given reasons to adapt to rape! It’s will happen one way or another and the reason men do it so much is because they know they can and get away with it. This device is a way for women to fight back and protect themselves! I can’t see any tape victim being against this Device so all you anti rape suppertoers who have never been through the ordeal and throwing your opinion in for the political self imagined limelight, why don’t you get raped and beaten nearly to death and then open your big mouths. Way to go supporting women everywhere.

  10. Mel says:

    Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. I’m in favour of this. If men can’t keep their pants on we will have to help them to put them back on! No nonsense! Think aids, think mental illness, think about how many women’s lives have been destroyed because of men’s perverted actions! Women go for it! If you don’t want to protect yourself you will have to carry the consequences….Come on now!

  11. Shekeela Jones says:

    Men will block this invention, because rape is something they use to control and brutalize women. Why isn’t this product not in every corner store, next to the tampons????

  12. Christy says:

    Where can I buy these???

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