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July 2nd, 2011  GE admin  17 Comments »

A battle between compassion and laid down rules is currently raging between the British Home Office and a Nigerian mother of quintuplets, Bimbo Ayelabola over her continued stay in the country despite being a visitor.

Bimbo, 33, was said to have taken double the dosage required of a fertility drug, Clomid, to be able to conceive after losing her first pregnancy. When she found out she was pregnant, the expectant mother relocated to the UK to be able to take proper rest away from the hustling and bustling of Lagos.

On getting to the UK, she underwent a scan which revealed she was expecting 4 babies in the first instance before it was discovered during the delivery that there is a fifth baby. Hence, she was put on an emergency National Health Scheme (NHS) programme which has depleted the scheme’s purse to the tune of £200,000 ($320,000) till date.

Bimbo’s husband, Ohi, was said to have visited her and the babies in London when she delivered only to disappear when the he saw the reality on ground.

Now the Home Office is faced with the dilemma of granting the mother of five an extension to stay in the UK based on her claim that she does not have any support system to help her care for her babies back home in Nigeria.

NHS officials are said to be considering sending her a bill for the huge cost of her six months of care which included treatment by consultants, pediatricians, nurses, midwives, social workers and back-up staff claiming she was put on the emergency scheme to save her life and that of the babies as she is not entitled to enjoy the benefits for free.

Reacting to the media buzz about the issue, Home Office Spokesman said: “The NHS is a national health service, not an international one. We expect those with no right to be in the UK to leave. Otherwise we will remove them.”

While Conservative MP Chris Skidmore said: “It’s not acceptable for health tourism to continue in the way it has done.”

Nigerian government need to watch the influx of unregulated drugs into the country. No country should be selling those kinds of drugs without proper prescriptions and regulations. Even if she is allowed an extension in the UK, she will still continue to be a burden on the purse of the government as she is even struggling to cope with taking care of the kids whose upkeep is put at £350 ($560) per week.

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17 Responses to “Nigerian Mother Of Quintuplets, Bimbo Ayelabola Battles To Stay In The UK”

  1. Bee says:

    This is so sad! i do understand where the British govt is coming from. Useless husband if it’s true and left. I hope and wish you the best.

  2. Old Harry says:

    Bimbo? She’s taking the whole damned country for bimbos. She should NEVER have been allowed in, in the first place. Now she should be sent back as soon as possible… Ideally this afternoon.

  3. Oyindamola says:

    I dont know y pple find it had 2 do d right tin.y should she take drug 4 get her 2 get preg nt 2 talk of takin over dose of d is only God she can cal upon 2 help her.may God grant her favour.

    • chiomsky says:

      Onyidamola, i bet u’re not even a mother. Do u know wot we mums pass thru or do u fink getting pregnant is as simple as dat? common, u’re running ur mouth like public tap cos u don’t know wot it takes 2 lose a baby u carried 4 9mts.well i don’t blame u cos u flush ur babies down d gutter every mt so i dont expect u to understand why bimbo took those drugs. U should learn not to post comments on wot u dont understand!

  4. iibidapo says:

    If you were in bimbos shoes what woulds you have done, the poor lady mistakinly over dosed, well nigeria does not also have the faciliities of looking after multiple babies as research shows high death rate on women wiith multiiple births, bimbo would have died but we thank God for places like the uniite kiingdom, briitish govt should grant her the stay and think about the babies health and allow peace.

  5. tiwalade says:

    why willl people just believe what d press say for gods sake>.do u know dat three quarters of what the presssays is untrue,lets even assume d stoty is true, should she have stayed in naija were we dont have proper medical facilities..we all know dat statistics have shown that nigeria has very high if not the highest mortality rate of mum and child.. food for thot for the naija for me.. i pray that god wilc her thru..common no one wil know the amount of baies dey wilhave before concieving na

  6. iibidapo says:

    @ tiwalade you hav really made sense , I honestly do not believe the story, has bimbos veiws been heard, the human lawyers should stand D and publish her veiiws because the whole world would like to know her veiws, we can’t tootally believe 100percent press

  7. zane says:

    we shld not all believe everything we read am 100% certain that this story is so not true…….

  8. Hulla says:

    Well, we all are Nigerians and wants better future hence the reason we are here. It’s never Bimbo’s fault. Every ‘man’ wants children and would do anything to have one including taking overdose… just to be sure it would work (insn’t it). From her point of view her husband would need to work day and night to sustain his family..Do we blame him for running..No he has to keep his job as well otherwise its from bad to worse if he looses his means getting some money.
    From the UK point of view..well you cannot blame them either when they feel there are loop holes in the system that people capitalise on. This can NEVER happen in Nigeria we all know that.Even those with less complex pregnancy pay through their nose before getting any medical attention let alone giving birth.
    I can only plead with us all (UK and Nigerians alike) the world is one place and irrespective of whom you can help do it and let sleeping dog lie. Afterall their are loads of legal Nigerians in the UK that have no recourse to public fund yet they contribute NI and Tax monthly. Not to mention the illegal citizens that still pay same.
    We all know UK and the rest of the world to contribute millions in aid to help people in less developed nations. Lets see this as one of those aids.
    If mother and children are fine enough to go home then so be it but should not block their chances of coming to the UK in future. The truth will remain that no matter how much we quantify the treatment given to Bimbo they can NEVER pay back otherwise it takes infinity years to pay.
    Let the laws of the land be obeyed while noting that Life can never be bought. I know the government will do the right thing just feel for the hopelessness that might await her if Nija is the final destination.
    My candid advise would be for her husband to seek coming in to the UK using all legal means possible and seek employment like others while his wife gets better treatmet and better future for her children. Who knows…
    Obama parents could not dream of him being the president but he is…How I wish things were better organised back home. All this cost nothing to do at home but…its complex. Imagine how 60million people are able to live at least fine when about 2/3 are working. Compare to 150 million when more than half is working… Good luck to Bimbo and family and all the very best.

    The story would have been presented differently if things go wrong…Claims and counter claims..that is how this country works and that is why things seems to be working.

  9. Bee says:

    Are you guys kidding. she didn’t take overdose- she intentionly took 2 x the normal dose or more. If you don’t know the effects of the drug why will you take it in the first place. And If you know the effects of the drug which is the increased likely hood of having multiple births why would you take it x 2 . If she had taken the regular dose and it didn’t work then it will make sense that she took extra. she was irresponsible. Everyone has to be held accountable.

    No matter what the husband should have stayed to stick out and support his family-there is no excuse. you don’t leave ur wife and children because things are difficult. NEVER!

    The British govt should not have to bear the responsibility of a irresponsible woman. this story reminds me of the American woman that had 8 after having 6. If everyone behaved irreponsibly then the whole world will be in trouble.

    my 2 cents

  10. Daytygal says:

    Hey fellas,do not be fast in judging people.We all know what it is lyk in an african home when u don’t hv a child,maybe she was a victim of such circumstance.Believe me you wld do worse things to keep ur home in a situation lyk that.If she had known that,that wld be d side effect of using d overdose,she might hv sticked to d prescribed dose,but i guess she was really anxious to get pregnant again after losing d first pregnancy.So pls do not judge her wrongly!!

  11. palabl says:

    @daytygal, yur brave jorrr, y is miss bee ranting like a goat, abegy if yu were in her shoes yu no go do d same, omo ayelabola nothing do you joooo ooo, all naija resources wey dem steal nko, iboris money day was freezed was up to 1million pounds or moredan, make dem commot 200k from there now, abeg thank God for your life jare, and if you wish bring our babies home we wud all wait to receive you at the airport….jorrrrrr oooo omo ayelabola jorrr ooo….you ve done well babes

  12. meedee says:

    @ chiomsky,,,u dont kno how to talk….everybody has a rite to air their views….u dont go raining insults on people like dat…..i dont evn see wats wrong in wat oyindamola said…learn to be matured….mother or not…u are not d only mother here….*hiss*

  13. meedee says:

    @ chiomsky,,,if u read about d drug “clomid” u’ll find out one of d side effects especially wen u take above d required 50mg is d risk of havin multiple births….so she knew wat she was in for….nd d fact that one looses a child doesnt mean she can no longer conceive naturally……so with or without d drug am sure she still would conceive….all d same,,may God help her.

  14. meedee says:

    if u read about d drug “clomid” u’ll find out one of d side effects especially wen u take above d required 50mg is d risk of havin multiple births….so she knew wat she was in for….nd d fact that one looses a child doesnt mean she can no longer conceive naturally……so with or without d drug am sure she still would conceive….all d same,,may God help her.

  15. Prince Adegboyega says:

    I need know how to contact this lady in question via phone or email .. i want to help.


  16. David says:

    well, this is not surprising, the UK government has demonstrated such high level of compassion in coming to the aid of Ayelabola and her babies this far, but what have we done as Nigerians? even our president is appealing for her to stay in the UK, well thats not too bad, but how has the Nigerian High Commission in Uk handled this issue? I know what the British High Commission in Nigeria would have done if it where a Briton in a similar situation in Nigeria, do we expect the British Government to continue shouldering the bills when we have a sovereign state that should be able to take responsibility of here citizens home or abroad.
    Must we start making promises only after she was threatened with deportation? if the right things where done I think this will be making the medical headlines, not the publicity its receiving now.

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