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April 12th, 2011  GE admin  118 Comments »

Nollywood star, Stella Damasus-Aboderin is sure a beauty queen and a beautiful sight to behold anytime, anyday and anywhere. We got some of her pictures in different postures but one happy mood. Have fun looking.

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118 Responses to “Many Faces Of Stella Damasus-Aboderin”

  1. Sule says:

    Indeed an angel

  2. Pearl says:

    She’s a queen

  3. samore says:

    of course she is a queen,princess & angel

  4. Hally says:

    She’s too beautiful

  5. jumi says:

    she is beauty a to behold.adaeze

  6. jumi says:

    she is a beauty to behold,adeeze

  7. bola anike says:

    she is a flirt! she should bury her head in shame. she killed her ex. nemesis will soon catch up with her.

    • Ihunnaya says:

      Bola, pple like you need to be lock up in a zoo, low IQ and poor mentality, Do u know how the husband died? What can divide marriage except death?, so put urself together and forget ur jealousy and envy and try to broaden ur mind by getting closer to God, eh!

    • uche says:

      Bola it’s u nemesis will deal with for not minding ur business. Do and marry and let us see how u will kill ur own and flirt around. U talk any how.

    • Sassy says:

      Bola, u are the biggest fool ever to roam the planet. Must u display ur stupidity for the world to see? Ow can u say such a thing about a widow? She has feelings, u know.I wonder if u were the adviser that she consulted wit before killin him since u seem to know she is a murderer. Get a life abeg. At least we can see her impact in nollywood.Wat have u achieved wit ur miserable life? bad belle idiot. mttttccccheeeew. Pretty Stella, u rock!!!

    • Salako Taiwo says:

      Miss bola;judge not 4 what judgment ye judge shal b judge unto u.what is ur business in dis,4 carrying out loud.u are giveing a wrong answer 2 a wrong question.if u don’t know what 2 say than keep u mouth short!!!Amebo

    • Laura says:

      Bola u are very sick, see beefing oh cos u no fine I’m sure

    • Amarachi says:

      We all should not mind bola 4 I knew her very well.she is very mischievous. She is a cassanova and a sex worker. She deserved 2 be hanged on the gallows she killed her mother and seduced her father.she is a heartless,selfish and egocentric human being.she an irresponsible fellow who have no conscience too.nemesis have already cutten on her.

  8. Jenny says:

    @ bola, u shuld hide ur head in shamefor accussing Stella unjustly. She’s a wonderful personality & i just cant understand u say unfair tings about her. Are u God? Na jeaulosy go kill u o.

  9. ENIOLA ADAMS says:

    shi z adorable n a woman uf virtue..kip it up gurl!

  10. ogechukwu says:

    @ bola, how can you accuss innocent woman of killing her husband,do u have conscience at all pls apologize to her
    She is an angel.

  11. Lassissi Yesoufou says:

    She’s my favorite Nollyhood actress and we all love her here in Cotonou. She is an ageless woman and a beautiful queen!!

  12. Grace Inyang says:

    She’s an embodiment of beauty, what God has blessed is no man can course.

  13. Lufadeju Aderonke says:

    Hey Anty Stella am your huge fans do u know that?no u don’t am just alerting you,you ‘re always looking good,tumb’s up for you.

  14. Atunwa kolawole says:

    Omosexy i think u need 2 cheer d secret b/id ur maried life wit d up comng actres. May God contn b wit u.(amen)

  15. joke says:

    back to bola up there,bola pls u dont write thing like this about people u dont know form adam pls, becareful with your life and people around u. i dont know u and i dont know stella too . pls my sister pls be verycareful pls

  16. tana says:

    you are beautifuly made anty stella, am always proud that are from bendel

  17. chiyere 159 says:

    I luv u

  18. loretta! says:

    Lovely pics,she looks good.but pls y all should leave bola alone evry one had their moment to say wat they wanted!she only expressed her opinion ,just an opinion it doesn’t have to be the fact she just said wat she felt…

    • Amarachi says:

      Pls lorretta dont say dat am most embittered and embarrased by her rude and hypersensitive words she called opinion.lets check 4rm dis angle what does bola thnk she have achieved 2 make such a sensitive and critical comment about her.bola is mentally derailed 4rm what i can deduce & analize 4rm her opinion. Bola is a nit wit & unmannered human being who is extremely jealous of her sucess.but inspite of her jealousy my special mum is rockng and shaking the world at every angle greatly.kudos 2 her

  19. Gift Oviosu says:

    I wuld ve love to meet u cos ur my role model. Don’t mond what the foolish ones re saying behind u, they re just jealous of you. U re so nice and innocent. Keep it up and take care of ur kids for ur ex

  20. Omos Oviosu says:

    U re too lovely, people re jealous of u becos of ur kind gesture, don’t wori, u re 100 step ahead of them and if they don’t learn to mind their business, they will perish. I love u and I will always do, no matter what people re saying behind u. Muah….

  21. Toyin aleja says:

    Don’t mind them they are ur enemies.keep it up.

  22. Rose Odey says:

    back to bola, u lack shame and orientation. How could u ever say a tin about someone in such a manner? If ur parents failed to discipline u, why cant u discipline urself? Marry ur own lets see. Tatafo like u. More kudos to stella.

  23. vicky says:

    I simply love u!

  24. princess says:

    swethy i realy lov u, d way u acted (four sisters), since d day i watched dat movie i falen inluv with u. Pls dt min dat idiot dat siad rubish abt u. Kep it up, my regards to ur luvly kids. God bles all of u

  25. chymo says:

    @bola, common shut that u ass hole u call mouth, she is a damsel anyday any time. Stella pls don not mind that fool, we love u any day any time. More grease to your elbow, haters go to hell

  26. rosamender says:

    @bola wot α̲̅ pity; ‎​Ʊ truly lack wot people call ‘SHAME’! ‎​Ȋ̝̊ truly agree wit Sassy(were ‎​Ʊ d Adviser she consulted b4 killing her husband? Did mama bola kill papa bola? ‎ L☺L!! ‎​Ιƒ Yes, then think same of any widow but ‎​Ιƒ No,bola tatafo kip ‎​Ɣ☺ΰr sticky mouth n hand glued τ̲̅ȍ sumtin ∂α̲̅t will fetch ‎​Ʊ money not ‘CURSES’. Nwa Damasus, carry walka, notin do ‎​‎​Ʊ. ‎​Ʊ r α̲̅ role model 4 us ∂α̲̅t LUVS ‎​Ʊ. Thumbs up!

  27. Kendra says:

    Stella u re my princess!

  28. Lynda says:

    nice pics

  29. mariama says:

    you re just perfect

  30. CHIDINMA says:


  31. chiyere 159 says:

    Ur gem,my role model,I luv everytin about u,Do anthing u think is right we r solidly behind u.kudos o!

  32. chiyere 159 says:

    U re a gem,my role model,I luv everytin about u,Do anytin u think is right we are solidly behind u,kudos oo!

  33. Gbemmy says:

    You I really love ur styles

  34. stephliz says:

    i just feel flattered when ever am told, you resemble stella i hope to meet you some day.

  35. Toluwani says:

    she is a queen indeed wit a beautiful smile

  36. city says:

    My dearest stella, i luv u from the bottom of my heart especially the last movie i watched about u which i cannot precisely know the title now. in it u were married to tchidi and here yul edochie was dying of heart pros and u donated ur hubby’s heart as the wish of ur hubby (tchidi Chikere) to him and then follows behind the scene. u are a woman with a heart of gold. naturally, u are kind hearted, caring, loving and above all a virtuous woman.
    God blx u dearly and ignored any evils words cos many act out of big ignorance in there. pple bola up there is full of big ignorance.

  37. Christar says:

    Wow pretty damsel!!i jux luv u ur acting & xpeciali ur voice!AM UR BIGGEST FAN stella!i luv dat movie THE WIDOW & 4 SISTERZZ alot!

  38. iyke says:

    plis u guys shuld leave bola alone she just raisd it so dat deir will b lot of comments…..evryone Knws stella is agud woman no doubt about dat beautiful.always young and her movie inspires every1 wish her more beautiful years ahead…..luv ya stella u are so sweet and touching i hate d seen wen u cry in movies……@ bola stop being i knw u are just trying to b nutty u neva meant dat….luv ya guys…

    • Amarachi says:

      Oh iyke dont tell me dat.she meant every bit of her nonsensical statment.she is out of her senses.bola an enemy of progress.even the earth is tired of her 4 she is a burden.bola is an ugly bitch who lacks parental training and dats bad of her 4 she gotten out hand without her knowing.she has no conscience i pity the poor man who will marry her in this her miserable life.oh! hell 4 him 4 she will put her 2 eternal doom.i my mum stella.she is one in a million.i never and ever trade her 4 anything.bravo 2 her

  39. Joy Ochy says:

    @bola, U are evil

  40. gbemi says:


  41. THYTHYLAHYOR says:


  42. BengoMillion says:

    Stella,I gbadun ur style,love ur swagga.I pray God shld help u in all area of ur life.Pls keep on making urself happy always,that’s d best way to live @ this season.

  43. mabs mabs says:

    Stella we need to talk

  44. Beauty queen says:

    Pple can talk,na wa oo….@stella!u luk gud always,tkia

  45. martha says:

    i so much repect you.you are one of my favourite nollywood acter.i love your decency.you are a strong woman,a survivor,above all GOD FEARING.I LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOUR ANGELIC VOICE


    From all d comments above,i think bola’s contribution is d most stupid one,bcos its so senseless,barbaric,uncultured ,uncivillised and irrational to behold from somebody that has blood flowing in her vein.Anyway,mdm,to me u are an epitome of beauty and always sensational.The fact that u were once married to a late ibadan son -Jayejeje Aboderin was a 1derful task and job.Don’t mind people like Bola?pple like her are busybody.

  47. swit says:

    d switest damsel in nollywood,period!!!!!!!!!

  48. Oliver Makondo says:

    What a petty face you have mum,you look so beautiful and truely african woman are just beautiful.just thank God for your beautiful and be cross to him and he will never live you or disappoint you.
    Hollywood need petty lady like you.

  49. ujugold says:

    bola ought not have aired such opinion. as for me i will never stop loving stella in and out of movies.

  50. stella says:

    she is beautiful and gentle, I like her,she is the wonderful woman

  51. Ayor Jacobs says:

    Stella is a beauty to spy.Bola is a big disgrace to this 21st century.

  52. Toluwani says:

    Bola my advise 4 u is dont say wat u dont see, cos u dont ave any rite 2 judge any1. an if u contiue like dis, God will pass his judgement upon u, plz learn hw 2 zip ur mouth wen u dont ave gud tin 2 say, stick 2 dat advise. k

  53. odette pretty says:

    you an angel indeed, i love your style,u are one of the best nollywood stars

  54. Chineye ajaegbo says:

    My dearest stella u are my favorite fan ,u nd genevievie are my favorite. I luv u both

  55. Anne says:

    Bola,u shld go and ask what a cardiac arrest means.Thats what the news said Jaiye’s death.He was playing basket ball when he collapsed. Whether it is the cause of his death or not,the Aboderins did not hire you as the Chief judge to pass judgement on her.Please my dear,mind your tongue.Stella has affected so many lives (families) positively.SDA, you are da bomb. You voice is so velvety and your smile is sooo charming.God bless u and forgive Bola for her utterances.

  56. precious says:

    bola basket mouth go and die in a sea you don’t belong to this world mebomebo.

  57. kiyemba says:

    kinekewo ilove nooooowwww

  58. okiror says:

    Its not fair to judge one for the powers of judgement are to God.
    I have to acknowledge,your beautiful and charming nyabo.

  59. Anayochukwu L. says:

    Stella is more than beautiful, i luv her so much & i need 2 see u one in one, d elegant beauty of Africa

  60. Aisha says:

    you look so beautiful, i am proud of you coz i luv you so much

  61. ada says:

    i admire u alot. U are beautiful and epitome of beauty. I wonders wat u went thru wen ur hubby died @ ur early stage of marriage, but i thank God for ur life today. Cheers

  62. nessa says:

    she is very beautiful and she is a very good actress… i love stella she is the only nollywood actress that could sing ans act that i know about.. You go beautiful woman.. love u:)

  63. tosan shube says:

    Hi,dont mind bola,just to tell u that u are beautiful, english words can not explain ur beauty.keep ur smiles.God bless u.

  64. Sexyapple says:

    Y did u divorces ur new husband?u ar my best n u want 2 behave lyk other girls.

  65. Sexyapple says:

    u ar my best.

  66. yoma says:

    pretty woman

  67. Temidayo Ekson says:

    Bola u ar the biggest fool ve ever seen,Y culd u say sometin lk dat 2 a widow?u folish pray urslf 2 bcum a widow @ur early marriage nd nmagn pple call u a murderer idiot..stella epitome of beauty stay on top of ur game remain bless wt ur kids,God loves Uuu nd iluv u 2…

  68. vicky bronzy says:

    Hi stella am your biggest fan,i love your movies,and i most confess you are beautiful….keep shining dr I LOVE YOU

  69. nelo star says:

    stella dear u hv always bn my best and a mentor too.ur choice of cloths and outfit give me the chills cos they are so decent yet they fit.love ur acting,poise ,smiles and wat hv u.just keep ur flag flying high cos u are highly loved and appreciated by a majority.my love to ur kids.

  70. bola annike says:

    shuuuuu…… a beg iii, all of u go siddon jooooo. hee hee hee.

    • Amarachi says:

      Common will u shot up ur dirt stinking mouth u garrulous fellow.u till even have the effontery 2 still say shuuu a beg ii.u brat.u are suffering 4rm madness.u cassanova.the sign and symptons had reached its rapid stage that u cannot curtail it.u are suffering 4rm insanity,chronic lucidity and neuro psychological disorder.u son of a gun with empty brain even in ur grave u cannot achieve what she has achieved not 2 talk of attaining it in ur miserable life.u stagnant pauper who made u are prince and a judge over her.u old cripple,scumbag & nomentity with no identity.busy old fool my special mum is nominated 4 an award if u like go and die.i dont care about u who is sufferng 4rm chronic insanity

  71. myde says:

    she acts, sings, dances, looks good, dresses good, and apparently is well behaved, at least compared to her peers, wish you all the best, especially better fortune when it comes to relationship matters, seems things av not been too good there huh….. wat can we say, u really can’t have it all hm? but try, God is still in d bizness of miracles…. love ya too, i think it’s just the angelic prettiness of your face that just blows us all away and makes us want to forget any faults u may have,…. shalom.

  72. Lilian says:

    U r beautiful, ur smiles r captivating, evn wen u cry u look more pretty. Ur voice is angelic. Ur acting is great. Ur outfit is always fabulous and it always fits u. U have it all. Bola, ur jst a saddis n enemy of progress. She is not d 1st u are condenming u’ve done dat in most celebrity’s pix. Grow up Bola. Bitch

  73. Lola says:

    Pretty stella..wonderful actress..n to sm sayin wat dey dont knw..may God forgive u

  74. Komolafe says:

    My Queen,I luv your dressing sense. you dresses well.

  75. Uzor says:

    I’ll never stop admiring ur roles in films. U’r well cultured n matured,u dnt misbehave in films n u know wat,anytime u act a crying part in films,i find myself crying along wit u cos i admire n love u so much. Dont worry God wil close dat vacuum n u’l smile again. And u know wat again? I love seeing u act with RMD n sumtimes wishes u both were married in real life . Love u woman,more greece 2 ur elbow,kiss kiss.

  76. Uduak says:

    Hi prety angel, you are a queen and non can be like you, above all you are a mother.

  77. Samy hapinex says:

    @ Bola ur marrage wil nt last a year ur husband wil die n pple wil also acuse u as u acuse stella,shebi u sabi talk idiot.am sory 4 ur parent cos u r useless.I LUV U STELLA

  78. LUCKY GABRIEL says:

    Bola i will still put you back cox wat u tried to curse on some one lif you will neva hav peace in ur life too by saying such to such a pretty angel of all peple ….can i kw if you re the mam alawo dat gav her the jazz she used to killed her husband as you said ….jst go and confess ur sin cox God will neva 4giv you ….you dis foolcall Bola i dont kw y ur bastard parent gav u such nice name idiot

  79. LUCKY GABRIEL says:

    My swt babe na u biko God don bless you finish and i go dey still dey bless you more mak bola dey see u dey die

  80. LUCKY GABRIEL says:

    make bola dey see u and she go dey die idiot of her

  81. Collins J. says:

    Stella is an epitom of beauty.

    As for Bola how did you know Stella killed her husband? Where u there? Pls open up more.

  82. Amarachi says:

    Bola it seems u are the one who gave her does charms she used in killng her husband.u are an idiot.u pot bellied fool .u thnk u will anythng by critizng her.no my dear u will only attract peoples wrath.bola am ashamed 2 imagine ur ugly and horrible sight not less dan ur shadow u scallywag.it seems 2 me dat u are sufferng 4rm chronic psychological problem.ur psyches is workng in anti clock wise direction u good 4 nothng bastard.stack illiterate of the highest order.listen 2 ur self u son of a bitch.listen even if u say no 2 her i will always and always be there 2 wail,cry and shout yes 4 her.bola u are a son of perdition,competent fool and idiot of the highest occurence.i hate u bola.bitch i hate u

  83. vivian says:

    bola u go soon die old wretched poverty stricken girl jealousy

  84. Omobolaji Oluwafunmilayo Ologbenla says:

    Nice Picture, you are wonderful and endowed by God Stella, Keep it up.

  85. Beatrice Dede Tetteh says:

    INDEED u are a queen among queens.I thank God for your life. i love u .stay blessed..

  86. uche says:

    queen my esssssssssss fucken bitch looking for some one to fuck idiot criminal smile

  87. uche says:

    steeeelaaaa is ashawoooo big one big pussyyyy open her old legs anyhow fooool

    • Amarachi says:

      Uche i taught u have sometin good to offer i never knew u have mental problem u idiot good 4 nothng bastard without qualification. Wil u shut dat ur putrid and rotten mouth. I can see ur sense of humour and reasoning have eluded u. U imbecile will eject and flush urself 4rm cos we dont need people with psychiatric problems like. Uche u ought to be ashamed of urself u prat, hill billy. Imagine u,Ur own be akamu case now if u know what is gd 4 u better bury urself. Uche u are a wander and a fugitive. Shameless and untamed girl. U beast, i know u must be spendng u live now in misery,agony,squalor 4 ur sins must surely fish u out and dats 4 sure. U have even attained any height in life yet u open dat ur stinkng mouth and talk. U bush fellow,wretched beggar,amphorous substance. Uche half baked education is a disease better educate urself now or lead a dogs life. Nomentity

  88. chichi says:

    wao,wat a wounderful woman. U look so great,inshort i dont knw wat 2 say,dan 2 tell u dat i luv u. Cheers

  89. zazi v says:

    @ bola if u don’t no what to do with that thing u call mouth,use it to suck ur guy’s Dick 24/7.she is a damsel I must comfess.bola shame on u god ll purnish u.

  90. naomi says:

    @bola and uche if u guys hav natin gud to say i suggest u keep quiet thn makin fools of yr slfvs here,hw do u guys slp at nyt huh? i pray tht God may 4gv u both 4 yr immaturity n foolishnes behaviour!

  91. mercy says:

    Bola u are a fool infact big fool and God will not 4give u 4 saying something like dis 2 an inocent woman, my sister sttela don’t mind the idiot and don’t allow her comment 2 disturb u she is very sick infact need 2 be admmited, u are a confirm pretty woman keep it up.

  92. Eby Ahmed says:

    What is this conutry turning to! Who is this fraudster that portrays herself as Stella??? Im still in shock becos as im writting this the form the useless person sent for me is still with me i have even finished filling them before finding out that is a fake!! This is not fair to me right im so so disappointed to think that my dreams are coming through in life with the high hopes and promises the ideot gave me!! I dont just knw hw to deal with this right now. Pls Stella u really have to do something about my situation i really want to be an actress how do i get to know u!! I really need this at this point in my life . Hoping to hear from u the real Stella my regards to your family and keep up with the good works ok.

  93. onyinye says:

    she is a true beauty,and i like the way she carries herself.

  94. favour says:

    she is an angel indeed.

  95. Jofezi says:

    Kia this is good: all these for one person; I have always love Stella for who she is. She is beautiful, have self confidence. Keep the ball rolling remember this What is the Creative force, that make you who you are. Be Positive and move on. God made you and not Man.

  96. Bimbo says:

    Evrytime i watch u act,i alwax wish evry odar actress culd jst dress decently lyk u.kip it up…

  97. Evi says:

    You dynamic beauty queen with magnetizing smiles…….

  98. james says:

    i like ur moves

  99. Eric K says:

    she is an epitome of the African Goddess , keep in up Queen…………..

  100. suboy says:

    Check out this site. Sign up and start earning. A trial will convience u. U don’t need to pay a penny. http://incomepart.com/ref.php?page=act/ref&invcod=43944

  101. Yonnette Craig says:

    Stella you are a beauty. I love your movies. All the best. And dont listen negative and foolish people out there. Dont lt them get to you.

  102. Frances says:

    Exquisitely and divinely beautiful, Stella

  103. Anne says:

    stella you rock you

  104. FRANKA says:


  105. Allison Clara says:

    Bola tafia bad belle may b wuo wuo kiss u mmuah…. na u and she follow go bring wetin kill d husband r bi or u been de hope 2 snatch d man b4 death cum first u snatch m. i’m sure u don’t understand English u were asked another tin n u gave a different answer. Stella darling u rock u r my role model wat an angel

  106. Seyi says:

    U all dont hve to give Bola attention bcus dat was wat she wanted………..Stella may GOD keep blessing u and ur kids. U are an angel

  107. Nancy says:

    My dear, u re b’tiful, lovly, infact, u’re all
    Go on, may God always b with u in all u do

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