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February 27th, 2011  GE admin  326 Comments »

Ayodeji Balogun aka Wizkid is speaking about the alleged affair between him and Nollywood star Tonto Dike. The 20 year old musician who is a second year student at Leed City University confesses to be a shy and a reserved person. In his interview he also talks about not dating anyone at the moment. “I am seriously single, even though i have a lot of girls around me“, he said adding that he is no longer dating the girl from his ‘Holla  At Your Boy’  video.

“Tonto is somebody I have not actually met. We only met at a shooting of a video. We became friends on Twitter… She called me her husband and I called her my wife [over Twitter].. and everybody started taking it very serious… She is a very good friend of mine. Tonto is also my big sister in the industry.”

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326 Responses to “Wizkid Talks Relationship With Tonto Dike”

  1. Stanley gerald says:

    It good here that my best actor and best actress knowing each other.

    • JOSHUA a.k.a BUKKON says:

      dats nt 2 bad even if they ar datn dmselve bt they ar nt datn jst frnds.so everybody shut up.nd let d rumourers GIGGLE.

  2. Kalu says:

    Boy ain’t you old enough to take the ‘BULL BY THE HORN” as regards to personal matters. Stand up tall but don’t fight…, I mean can’t you be GENIUNE and PROFESS your luv to your so called BIG SISTER!

  3. Emy says:

    Hey stand up 2 wat u wnt grab it all i’m excited dat my best actress nd my most famous artist is getin along

  4. Okoye precious says:

    The relationship bw wizkid and tonto dike is not a big deal. It’s a nice combination. Kudos

  5. Zinnieposh says:

    Please,tonto should b older than ayo.what would he be doing wit an older lady.forget all this celeb stuff.face reality.

    • Kate says:

      Wat are u sayin didt u see mariah carey and her husband dis tins dont mata as long as their is love btw them wat difference does it make

    • Cythina kay says:

      Age doesent matter in terms of relationship wat matters is wat d 2 parties ave 4 each other.

  6. oluwole fashina says:

    i admire u my guy and dont allow tonto tease u, please marry ur holla at ur boy (GIRL).

  7. dennis awarenex says:

    am single too, not only you wizkid, am looking for someone seriously. 08131907457

  8. Gabriel says:

    hey guy i heard you saying she is your big sis.I will advise you to keep it that way and search for a young cold blooded girl that will last for ever.tonto is an old girl and she did’nt fit you.

    • Perpetual says:

      Wizkid!tonto is much older nd u cnt eva hold on to her cos shez a real actress nd pple lyk her dnt last,so i tink d holla at ur boy gal is nt a bad idea.

    • Victory says:

      Guy athough they said luv is blind i will advice u nt ur luv b blind bcs in terms of age she senior u in fact she does nt fit u jst tak her as ur sis & friend as u jst said & dnt dat her she is nt ur size

  9. victor says:

    if tonto is datin wizkid is nobodys bussness this life all about who want who if it she discion well so be it.wizkid mint be small but the boy under fit no small

  10. komoh says:

    Guy no dull ur sef oo, even dou una no dey date, go scope her..(no tym)
    see d lyk of nick canon & mariah carey.

  11. Nesta says:

    Guy forget sugar ladies & face ur call.. U’re stil tu young 4 stuff like dis.. If u must date, find ur mate.

  12. Reje osade says:

    if it’s true, it’s not bad after all they are not going to get married it’s just 4 fun. Abeg wizzy gruv her no time, who no want tonto dike as babe?

  13. Sule says:

    Dis is not new after all dbanj an genevieve are also frnd

  14. Enitan says:

    Just follow ur @ nd do whatever u thnk is right,if its tonto dike then its no bigdeal.

  15. Dj Nym'z says:

    Mike u’er ma man!!!

  16. kate williams says:

    can ayodeji be datin his mum…………….laugh

  17. Casandra oboh says:

    Wat ar u doin wit ha.she is surpose 2 b ur big sista if nid b.pls date ur mate

  18. Festus ekene says:

    Wizzy no probs, if u think she gat d best, dont dull

  19. LE SYKE says:

    my boy weezy is all good i trust u groove tonto wit no rule4 pple 2 believe dat muzik is wat we respect morethan movie,fineboy,so paid wit money,2much swagg,chiller wit badguys,if i may ask what is nollywood 2 9ja muzik industry.

  20. austine aka wonder boy says:

    Wizzy baby only u na badguys; I feel u die.u get Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡
    jor; no mind wetin anybody go say flex ur life nw.infact u and tonto fit eachoda.abey na u b badguys.yesss bosss

  21. austine aka wonder boy says:

    Wizzy baby only u na badguys; I feel u wela.u get Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡
    jor; no mind wetin anybody go say flex ur life nw.infact u and tonto fit eachoda.abey na u b badguys.yesss bosss

  22. Hally says:

    Aba wizzy, u no dey carry ur size, abi ur size don finish 4 market? Take an easy oooo

  23. Olore esther says:

    Wizzy age is not a barier if she’s d1 go 4her may God help u.

  24. chinyere says:

    tonto and wizkid are just like you and me,so let them be.

  25. Dumex says:

    gush i wish i am him Tonto is my best and will still be. Ok what of Nick Canon and mariah. That is if the is chemistry inbetween

  26. gameboi says:

    ha..d bad guys..wat of bow wow n ciara…huh.hey wizkid flex wif d whole celebs if u kan.mehn itz ur tym@.don’t dull

  27. Benandex says:

    Dont dull. Tonto is a fly chik whizkid is a fine boy no problem wit dem age is a barrier.whizkid she needs u so give her what she want.

    • Kyrian says:

      Wizkid u need 2 tink wel b4 anytin. in dis word a girl did hav any right 2 tell a man i luv u. Is on fell pls. 4 more information pls call (08087960354)

  28. Voke says:

    Wizkid, You are my guy for life…Don’t mind what they say about you…Tonto is a girl and a pretty one….Just do your thing…Please, people should mind their bizzz…wizkid,,,,keep it up…one love…

    • Aka OWOO says:

      Weezy leave dat stupid girl and marry young blood she no fit u at all i lv ur music carry go guy,smoth selling.

  29. dimobika kaycee says:

    wetin de worry dat boi, isn’t dat gurl old enugh 2 b ur anunty. Guy enta any skul nw, so many young fresh babes won date or marry u not ur anunty. Kul dwn o. Wel kal me also if u rily nid a karing man, i wud wnt 2. 08064445748

  30. Kingsley says:

    wizkid you’re a cool hansom guy dat most of d wan to date and tonto is also a star needed by all guys to show up.though she is older than you don’t mind it you both can still mak wrong to be right.so man move on if she truly want you.(dats apart.plz wiz i need you to help me release my album if you can help my email kingsley.ezemba@yahoo.com.my number 08133593377

  31. wale says:

    guy don’t let anybody discourage u.age na number go on wit her notin do u!

  32. ovo brown says:

    d down fall of a suceful youngman begins wit a woman.if is true whizkid too young.move wit ur life

  33. sophy says:

    you guys heard the dude. Let him be. Don’t make stories out of nothing

  34. chiamaka ezeibe says:

    but he jst said they are not dating so why forcing words into their mouth. Even if anythn is happenin pls let dem be cos one man’s poison is another man’s meat.

  35. Soso says:

    some young’y no fresh reach am..Enjoy c ..Doro timi baby my name is wizzy wizzy ohhh…. Guy you no get time for long time.. shine wella

  36. Kate says:

    Wait o una think say tonto sef don old or wetin tonto is just 2g or there abt abeg leave dem jor

  37. Adeluv says:

    Wiz boy it is good to be good how old are u dat u hav started hav a name of nt acheiving u and toto or wht ever don’t u think of better future

  38. Jude ukah anayochukwu. says:

    Leave dem jo0o?my no.08039548674 cal me any prety girl.

  39. Abraham says:

    D age range is a barrier,wizkid kip d flag flying 4 takin her as ur big sister but if u or she wants intimacy it shuld be 4 fun.I ADMIRE TONTO 4 EVERYTHING.

  40. Abraham says:

    Since u’re twitter’s husband § wife,kip d ball rolling

  41. Bukas Ebuka says:

    I wish both of d best of luck, bt please no heart break.

  42. Benjamin says:

    Wizzy u are d man,cos u know wat u wants,dats a big chick 4 real.soon I will u guys in celebrities world.kip tight.

  43. Emoness vanessa says:

    Tonto,Tonto,na 4rm play,he take dey turn real ooh…,any how sha…,I go say u dey lucky 2 get play-play husband when go soon turn real husband,because many girls when dem know say dem senior wizkid,& them never even see am as u don see am & even dey talk with am,wan still kill dier fellow girls wen go just say…..,ah wizkid na my husband oh.dem go just say eeh nor let me here dat word 4rm ur mouth again,dat na still wetin d boys dem dey do 4 ur own case too.so I don’t want u 2 even give it a second taught if truly u are really friends,because one thing I have found out about we Nigerians especially is dat,we don’t see any boy & girl who are just friends,they will always suspect some hide and seek games,which is very, very unfair.WIZKID & TONTO,if u guys think dat u are in luv,plz & plz,I beg u guys with d name of God,don’t hesitate 2 show it d world.Freestyle and get all those dat are Jealous of d both of u DOWN.My brother & sister,i’m telling u dis because wat God has joined 2gether let no man put assunder.

    • 9icekid says:

      na so broda,when i dey read ur comment laught wan kill me especially the place wen u say girls dey kill girl bcos of wizkid,broda na true talk,my guy babe wan die for wizkid ooo,he break p with my guy bcos of the issue so,if nor be say i still dey try small and my babe nor dey too send tins i for don still lose am ooooooo,i nor no watin dey happen for 9ja babe,even babe way i think say dem no go fit think like that dey think pass am oooo,anyway sha i just wan hala u na man u be.i greet u broda

    • Syndleygold says:

      Guy shut up ur trash jhor! Ah no evn undastnd wetin dey worry una. Make una free d guy na. Shey e tlk say na only frndshp, y una no go mind ur business?? Tonto is 27 or so, she’s too old 4 him, nd if u wan make ur comment in support ov a r/ship, no use style fix God 4 der. U dey quote mariah nd nick, wat makes u think God is presnt in dat r/ship?? D man is supposd 2 b d head, wif dat much gap, it wudnt b posibl. Abeg no quote God hear o, nt judging, bt once it comes to tonto nd wizkid. . . . Well, u shud knw the rest ov tha story.

  44. enodinho gift says:

    wizzy i luv ur life style,tonto is the girl 4 u since there is luv propose 2 her sharply dont dull guy it’s ur life;rumours are spread by ignorant keep focusing on ur work more strenght 2 ur elbow coz u are the eye focus of naija.2 cute luv u anywhere u are.

  45. mhaga says:

    Den no dey tell man,na man dey decide…bad boy u are on ur own

  46. kefee buyante says:

    guy if u know say u luv tonto,do am sharply nor waste time do dull urslef.abi nor be u sing dont dull?guy nor dull,tidy d (KPOMO) well OOH.cos dat kpomo na d real meat ooh……..me fit pay 2million take tidy dat (kpomo a.k.a kanda.) ooh…..oh boy…….pussy wey everybody dey find to blow…na him u come dey dull……abeg ooh nor dey do like dat ooh.tidy d pussy well ooh….dats my guy wizzy wizzy.DONT DULL.CASE CLOSED.

  47. kingz says:

    mehn is high tyme we start mindin our biznes in naija tru. If dat nollywood star is datin dat nigga wat is ur biz on it ehh? pls tel me

  48. Dominic M.C IDEA says:

    F**k wat ever any & everybody is sayin, wat going on is going on, big sister or dating, e no consyn una!!!

  49. kefee buyante says:

    na szo guy

  50. Omowunmi says:

    Wizkid dont listen to what people said just carry on with u life

  51. alex collins says:

    wickid my guy, carry on with tonto dike is ur luk.

  52. simple b says:

    wizzy u knw whts kukn der mordan we do so mind bad belle pple jst do ur tin. As u dada toto play ur card knw dulln cos owerre knw dull. Simple b one of d suff bois we stil dy on our way

  53. mcsteamy says:

    wizkid n tonto, 2 stars no d jam. Wizkid lock n load abeg flex life first and tinto dikeh sorry eh u don too suffer for rumour

  54. dennis a ezomo says:

    abeg day fuk am inomy

  55. Masterjay says:

    Ur way no be their way and their way no be ur way. Jst be wise!

  56. abdulsalam bolanle says:

    do ur thing anyhow,they are always calling ur name in my school,i feel like meeting u one day….well do ur thing anyhow u want it…i still need my money…

  57. meedee says:

    small rat like u wizzy,,,u r eating condemned p***y wey ph guys don groove finish….u beta watch it or u crash b4 u even take off….u r still a small boy…

  58. Edwins victory says:

    I luv d guy,and he can do whatever he wishes with his life but he jst needs 2 b careful,am an actress nd i knw what am talkin about

  59. code says:

    guy find ur mate jor abi ur mama senior ur papa.

  60. MR AYOMIDE says:

    If iz real Chaa,iz not new and more 2 come.but i blive age iz not ha barier shez cool and sexy.best of luck

  61. oshodi adegboyega says:

    ma boi,i beg make u poke poke and poke her .its ur time

  62. Doris says:

    Wizzy u don’t knw ur mate she is too raw &as u said u aa reserved bt plz go date some1 lyk u cos u aa too young,fresh&cute 4 such girls.plz give fresh girls d chance 2 date u.luv my baby!!!

  63. Angela says:

    wizzi,yeah am very happi he is not dating Tonto she is annoying

  64. Belleblaze says:

    We celebrities hav suffered sorry wizzy but we cant go out together again coz i dnt want 2 replace tonto in ur date rumor besides nobody wil believe dat we r just friends

  65. Decent chikwas says:

    Wizkind…carry goooooooooooooo….u & tonto re good to go!!

  66. Betzy says:

    Wizzy baby…wad up…dem say make u no dull ooo per say u b superstar….i no say u love ur baby….wizzy open up tell us d main truth make wi knw who dix ur gidi girl b….buh if na my sis tonto…hmmmmmmm…4get age or no age celeb or no celeb….tonto tu raw nd old 4 u….xcept u wan die quick….luk 4 ur kind apart 4rm ur age mate…as in girl wey match u apart 4rm celeb…no b girl like tonto wey go march u 4 head……….wi girls plenty….wi scatta…cool down take ur tym select babe….mi sef i dey here ooooo….winks…0806***4015

  67. sheba says:

    wizzy,i no say no get our time but take my advice,tel her wat u like, she likes wat u tel her

  68. Betzy says:

    Wizzy fashi wetin dem dey talk….jst focus coz u get future ahead ooo….tonto tu old 4 u..na only pips wey no like u go say make u go put hand 4 fire……abeg eh wizzy kip 2 my words….anybody wey no like wetin i talk kul mi on 08069364015…..betzy!

  69. Betzy says:

    Wizzy baby….fine girl like mi talent dey d waste oooo…abeg connect mi nw…..anybody wey no like wetin i talk kul mi on 08069364015…..betzy!

  70. fortune says:

    broda na ur time u dey,men abeg if you get tonto number abeg nor forget pass am give me

  71. zino says:

    pls wizzi do not allow this nollywood celebs to ruin your life and career for u o. thats how they start o. when they r done with u, they spit u out especially the so called ladies among them. a simple question to everyone there “how many celeb ladies especially in nollywood maintains a guy”? u see them jumping from one man to another man all in d name of fun. pls wizzi dont allow any nollywood girl use u and dump u. majority of them are into lesbianism and as such, u may not be able to satisfy their sexual desires.

  72. faith apendah says:

    nyc frndship i envy u guys kudos

  73. Emovwera Monarch says:

    My gud,dn’t dull u stil yong 2 drem 4 d rite person but dis na ur opotunity 2 use am.giv am d rod mak she no say u b bad guy.

  74. Emovwera Monarch says:

    oboy rod am mak u fashi.na waty she nid 4rm u b dat one noh b say she get mind 2 mary u.

  75. horlardipupo says:

    it is a vry nice one if two celebrity hav good relationship Wiz kep it up it means dat tonto wnt 2 do u

  76. wiliams says:

    guy wiz no tim flex

  77. wiliams says:

    my guy i luv ur stlye abeg.even if she’s olden dan u dats wat she wnt 2 gv it 2 her.flex my dear kno tim na fin boy dey talk

  78. Balikiss jimoh ayoola says:

    Abeg leave this 2 adult alone let them decide who they want 2 be wit

  79. C.j boy says:

    Hehehe peeps was dat all abt? Its very obvious dat u guys ar causin problems here.

  80. Princewho says:

    Yeah its ok..

  81. 9icekid says:

    i gree all the men and women in the house,i just dey read una comment for here since and i found at that 9ja men no dey carry last,anyway sha i just wan pity dat guy wiz.na name dem wan make for 9ja no be anything else,i still reason watin dat guy talk for up there page 2,he get who nor know wizkid for 9ja maybe who dey claim say he or she nor know am they jealous the guy.make we leave mata for matayas…

  82. remzypossy says:

    .its remzypossy 4 real…..wizzy my advise to you is decide ur self,and if u knw u truly love her,u can go 4 her,i dont tink tonto dike is dat older dan u,no dull ur self guY look before u leap……i realy like u……….am also an upcoming singer and my dream is to feature u….hope my dreams wil come true?takkia WIZZY…..it ur bhoy rhemzy.

  83. Kizostical says:

    this Is not the mata of takin d bul by d hon.wiz go get ur hollat ur boy.she fits u.not ur big sista.

  84. kc says:

    fyn boy no pimples,if tonto lyk,make her age triple ur own,as long as both of u are inlove,guy shoot

  85. Clifford says:

    Nor listen 2 wetin dem dey talk o… Dem nor b boys if dem nid am make dem go na iya, young handsome lookin guy like u wit swag everytin complete na go go dey date tonto, tonto wen b old meat, wen young girls ful aside{fresh fish} dem dey even dey hustlez u nor mine dem cos if na tonto u dey date na big shame on you ok…

  86. Clifford says:

    Nor listen 2 wetin dem dey talk o… Dem nor b boys if dem nid am make dem go na iya, infact d babe 4 hola at ur boy fine n fresh pas tonto… young handsome lookin guy like u wit swag everytin complete na go go dey date tonto, tonto wen b old meat, wen young girls ful aside{fresh fish} dem dey even dey hustlez u nor mine dem cos if na tonto u dey date na big shame on you ok…

  87. Clifford says:

    Nor listen 2 wetin dem dey talk o… Dem nor b boys if dem nid am make dem go na iya, infact d babe 4 hola at ur boy fine n fresh pas tonto… , tonto wen b old meat, wen young girls ful aside{fresh fish} dem dey even dey hustlez u nor mine dem cos if na tonto u dey date na big shame on you ok…

  88. Clifford says:

    Nor listen 2 wetin dem dey talk o… Dem nor b boys if dem nid am make dem go na iya, infact d babe 4 hola at ur boy fine n fresh pas tonto… , she wen b old meat, wen young girls ful aside{fresh fish} dem dey even dey hustlez u nor mine dem cos if na she u dey date na big shame on you ok…

  89. spril blessing says:

    wizy abeg,ur show up won kill our girls here o,dem jst dey knok us bcus of u oooooooo.am single 081*****0090

  90. RAy says:

    wiz…TB.. to bad/ do wetin dey ur mind guy.

  91. charles williams says:

    wizkid wizkid wizkid i dont know wat to say but dont get tonto pregnant or u wld get d biggest scandal of ur whole life so beta use ur head and dont dull

  92. Wizkid Denies Child With Ghanaian Lover | News One Newspaper says:

    [...] circulating that music star, Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid, has fathered a baby girl with a University of Ghana undergraduate student called Sola, [...]

  93. mayze morgan says:

    let love speak beside age is just a number so u should free Whizstick and TOnTO DICKE.

  94. nurendo aworee says:

    wizkid is 2 young 4 dat girl.i dont support him 4 aving an affair with tonto dike.it so disgusting

  95. chiboy/doublesoul says:

    wizkid is a spoild brat, dat was brouth wit alot of arogancy, as 4 tonto dike she is a disgrace 2 woman hood

  96. Gina says:

    Pls let dem b o,it their life.if wizkid lyk let him marry her dat deir buznis

  97. favour419 says:

    wizkid is tooooooooo small to date tonto dike.wel if tonto love him then they shuld keep up the relationship.

  98. stephen says:

    i’m stil luking 4 d rite one cal 08038753762

  99. Ademola Ogunlaja says:

    wizkid,let me tel u somethin,i lov u and i lov ur song,my advice 2 u is just dat u are stil a small boy.sorry 4 dat.try and move on top like Dbang and others b4 u think of settle down so ur parent can enjoy u and so dat u wil not exprience home seperation.but guy o bad gan an o!!!!wish u wel

  100. Sonia says:

    Luv hs its way of finding itself… Dere nt shying away 4rm it……. Share it its beautiful…

  101. G'nugga says:

    Wiz boy, its a free hole, dig urs and ride on…..but dont park in.

  102. Natasha says:

    Nigerians pls lets learn how 2 mind our business.the people u guys are fighting 4 did not say dat they are having a relationship neither did they say they cant scope each other bcus one is older than d other so y carrying other pples cross 4 them.

  103. Apostle perkins says:

    There is a way that seems right unto weezy but the end thereof is destruction. Perhaps u r contemplating if 2…or not. ‘Dont!’ those girls r destiny killers. Weezy call me4spiritual advice n prophecy. 08057298926

  104. Chidoo says:

    See,wizkid and tonto two of you should visit me 4 cancelin privately.ok cal 08067316472

  105. Hennessy says:

    Wizzy abeg make u quit dat baby {tonto} , cos she is old enough to be ya mum.

  106. Paddy arab says:

    Wizkid,i’wil advice u 2 giv tonto a thout.cos true luv dosnt knw age, colour or height. I luv u guys both cos ur ma best act.holla at me wizzy.08162023372. Or at arabvipper@yahoo.com

  107. Paddy arab says:

    Wizy, am gud in writin songs. If u need me holla at ur boy @08162023372

  108. fabian says:

    If u re in a relatinship with someone.go ahead and marry,cos love dont kown age.

  109. Etop Nkanang says:

    is ur boi weeeeziee, dnt dull, just cary ha away, afta all, lyf is all abt flexin. Luv ur baby and tease ha badly.

  110. c.e.o wire transfer..... says:


  111. becky nengi says:

    If tonto n wizkids is datin, i dnt see anything wrong wit it. Dey should go ahead. I support

  112. Henry says:

    Ride on my man let them talk watin de won talk b bold u ar nolonger a boy bt a man who no won date pesin lik Tonto Dike am solid behind u clutch 4 me those 5n chicks wey de row 4 ur side enjoy God don beta u.

  113. princeval ujohatu says:

    Boy use ur head wel-oh,

  114. nosa says:

    wetin dey sub… Base on celebrity stuf, d young bobo need to flex gon…wiskid and tonto which one concern anybody…let dem dey… Dat’s jus d essence of life bein a celebrity….no more gossipps and critism….

  115. Ese says:

    Guy oil dy ur hand sha food wen no bi ur own 9 u won eat abeg go look 4 ur size

  116. cyndy says:

    wiz rid on with anyone u wants to cos u got to enjoy dey world,but use ure sense well oh!!!!

  117. Ndubuisi ifediba says:

    Abeg wizzzz cary go dnt dull cos if u do d guyz way there eye d red go take her away 4rm u o. . . Just collect ur tittle an freestyle her ok. . . Bt aft dat just magrate her number 4 me >>> 08063672230

  118. Ndubuisi ifediba says:

    Abeg wiz tomto dike go make u go novice o. .

  119. Dr. Olunwa says:

    Mr. Wizkid if wat u said is true, fyn. Else datin someone of d age of ur elder she is …. Jus out of reason. Forget about d white pple! Dis is 9ja. Better look out n date ur mate who is luvly n grow up 2gether. Else go n look out 4 a good ‘TRANSFORMER’ in ur neighbourhood nd HUGE MAN! ….lol

  120. mercy orvainya says:

    my guy life is short date whoever u want to age is not a barrier its a number so love whoever u want to.

  121. Wiz gie (prince collins) says:

    Wiz kid,na ur fellow wiz gie dey talk,if you are in a relationship with tonto dike continue but if u are not gie dont mind anybody and face ur studies.

  122. Cornelius says:

    Tonto why is dat every body talks bad about u nd wizkid nawa 4 u tonto .u can live ur life d way u wat na u sabi

  123. Cornelius says:

    Tonto is ur boy wizzy go on i dy 4 ur back bt dnt dull

  124. Kosi says:

    Tonto u are 2 much,wizkid na ur boy but if na him go mk u crry dey go okay,luv u

  125. yomi says:

    dude?jst knw sa na ur own share u wnt collet dnt dull

  126. i no send says:

    fuck dem all.d only stuf wizkid needs 2 do 1st is 2 remove kid 4rm his name.nd act more mature.wiz guy dey act bf tonto dey act.no be room 1 4 hell fire dem go go.wiz guy jst give ur lyf 2 God nd let him direct ur way.cos ur moni is now ur problem.

  127. Happiness says:

    Hmm,wat is roung wit sm pple self.pls wizzy ar u sure dat d bot of u av nt exchanged anytin cos in every rumour dia must be atom of truth, anyway dat is nt my biz 4 nw ur nt tinkin of marriage or ar u?08030832278 hapi girl 4rm ansu finalist

  128. Gold says:

    Wizkid u knw u don’t hav work,if u are dating her but if u’re not cool.don’t mind our country dey put their in what is not their busines.do samthing better wit ur life for once

  129. Sexy kannon says:

    Wizzy carry go forget those mudafuckas dey are just jealous she fit u

  130. lildol says:

    guyz plz dnt u tnk puting mouth in smtn dat does not concern u wil 1day let u to smtn else. Let any1 live d way he likes. Wiz kid i even lyk ur style, never give up datz wat ll even prove u man. I like it! Wizton! Just give even thought d name. FIT!

  131. favour says:

    wiz forget about tonto and face ur study, achieve something before talk of marriage.tonto dike is a nice girl but u are still a small boy

  132. Nifemi dicson says:

    Pls wizkid pls don’t try it to love tonto dike.1 she is odder than u mains are blood well be hot pls go back to ur old girlfriend,don’t love becouse of money and tonto she is promocus

  133. racheal says:

    pls dont dare try it cos it doesnt speak well of u, a young dude like u going out with someone who is old enough to be ur elder sister, and find a cold blooded and young lady for urself, keep the flag flying.

  134. Glory peter says:

    Pls pls pls let dem be together, tonto is my favourite and lovely actress, she’s meant for wizkid so be it. I love u tonto. 1luv wizkid

  135. William emmanuel says:

    Wizkid i fink tonto is d right gal 4 u confront her nd tel her ao much u fall 4 her i fink she wil understand luv u bot

  136. kennedy says:

    wiz, don’t dull!

  137. kennedy ogar says:

    boy wiz, no dulling!

  138. Hey guys,u bot shud continue if u love each oda. Albert says:

    Dere’s notin rong wit d relationship, as far as d luv is dere.

  139. Ikswage/young v says:

    I don’t like talking about other people affairs god no the best 4 them and if they like theirselves they are set 2go.packaging.

  140. Nikky says:

    Evri1 nids sum1 2 luv,u r free 2 do woteva u wan’t 2 do…:1 luv guyz

  141. icenob says:

    wizkid don’t mind dem my person if you see her as your sister good if u love her then go 4 her ooooo

  142. jay says:

    fuck al of u dat said wizkid shud go ahead wit tonto dike,u al r fools

  143. gloneric says:

    wizkid dat ur tonto is an old cargo 4 u. She’s only pretending 2 b a baby of 10yrs old,look 4 a younger babe. And nt a girl who has retired 4rm life. Go for responsible girls

  144. Zeb says:

    Wizzy, what matters is not what you feel now but what happens later. Pls don’t be led into a sea that will not spear you. You are young in the industry so you have to contribute towards correcting the mistakes of older celeblrities…marry today..divorce tomorrow…You have distinguished yourself, remain distinguished forever…is it possible…Have nothing to do with Tonto..God will help you.. I really love you Wizkid

  145. nnamdi says:

    Just hope u guyz(wiskid n tonto) are not inluv…Its okay if u guyz goes out on a date or two,cuz its normal but d issue of u guyz being inluv,is madness.To say d list Wiskid,how do u get 2satisfy her knowing fully well how many sticks have stroke her severely.with ur tiny stuff,u don’t stand a chance negro…So i suggest u stick 2ur line of music and concentrate well,u need it.besides u re still young,getting urself into such thing

  146. Diva says:

    I dn’t belive dat my tonto wil stick 2 low 2 date wizzy. 1t tin we dn’t understd s dat pple cn be just frnds maybe dey ar pal bcos dey hv futures

  147. Diva says:

    I dn’t belive dat my tonto wil stick 2 low 2 date wizzy. 1t tin we dn’t understd s dat pple cn be just frnds maybe dey ar pal bcos dey hv futures

  148. Emac says:

    I guess dats the reason y luv is blind.it hinders peeps from seein the dangers of an unhealthy relationship,wiz and tonto=pathetic

  149. racheal says:

    it dont matter if they date it al about love

  150. Noela says:

    Are you people deaf? They said they arent dating! wats ur biz?

  151. sunny tex says:

    wizzy it cool if you really love her it does not matter just follow your mind im also talented like pls if you can help me here my number 08093192047 or 08103727335 thanks man and follow my advise you will find it useful

  152. bright says:

    wizzy if 2 say na true.guy gud.but am confuse by ur deny ning dat affair.y she gave u car. Abi na as ur sister matter .but no dull ooo

  153. Eddy Moh Hit says:

    I am a Nigerian but i do not live Nigeria why my fellow Nigeria behaviour sound like animals,Wiz Kid told you people that he is not dating Tonto Dikeh.why the stupid post

  154. lucky says:

    tondo is so cut e i always die fr her bt if wizkid is dating her then no wam

  155. omosola says:

    Wizkid at his level needs a mature lady like Tonto Dike, they really fit each other, i mean Tonto is mature and Beautiful; Wizkid is also Handsome and mature enough at his level. He doesn’t need a small girl that’s too young. I know the age diff btw TONTO and WIZ will not be that much. AGE IS NOTHING IN A RELATIONSHIP, LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

  156. Dubriggs says:

    Celebs re used 2 rumours…@Wizzy,u re stil a yung lad wiv a bright future,4get d rumours nd focus on ur career/studies,…..ALSO some Mags nd newspapers are jxt bkyard biz dt wnt 2 sell…..CH33RS BROOV!!,,,dudes nd babes,no need dropping ya cell numbers

  157. Val. Eziokwu says:

    Wizkid and Tonto, how una dey? Wizkid i want u to have in mind that there must be a critisism for any successful star.i want u to 4get about wht people are saying focus on your carear.Tonto if u think u can tango with wizboi, then u can flow…reply +2348188003568. Hapi relationships.

  158. da ultimate says:

    wizzy!! U dey fool urself,y u dey tease us.U dey date am or she dey date u fine!,wetin b big sister.I…….beg.

  159. Ekeson says:

    Wizkid be consistent, and also be very rational, Above all follow ur mind. You ar entitle 2 make ur own decision, but make wisely. Reply. 08068112143

    • frankly speaking says:

      why the phone numbers… you want wizkid to leave Tonto and date you…. since wey na una no sey him dey date Tonto….. home breakers…. leave the boy alone

  160. Ekeson says:

    Wizkid i want u to have this at the back of ur mind dat whatever a man do pple must fulminate and castigate the person. Don’t be afraid of criticism, bcos if u ar, u wil live doing nothing, take criticism as a ‘COMPLIMENT’ if u and tonto dikeh ar meant 4 each other then so be it. My regards to tonto dikeh relay my greetins to her and giv me a feed back by calin this no 08031582343 or 08068112143.

  161. val says:

    wiz dont u find it sinful to be doing dat tin in a bed wit ur aunty, it is sinful if u dont no u ar verry stupid and tonto a bloody prostitude dat nos notin bt bedroom activity. cal 07033908569

    • frankly speaking says:

      you want wizkid to give you a shout that is just the reason why you have to publicize your phone number….. Now between you and Tonto Dike, who is a prostitute… you are. you guys should stop talking stupidly about people… its no biz of yours if he’s dating or not dating Wizkid… we all have our way of lives… so, choose yours and leave others alone. shotigbo

  162. fine boy says:

    wiz liv tonto and com marry my sister onyinye or nelly my girlfriend

  163. Mary says:

    My dear follow ur heart ad dont give dam 2 pple says

  164. Mary says:


  165. Amici boy says:

    boy wizzi u whn spl ur carrier wit old sugar mumy cald tonto, guy abeg no go 4k ur future up oo , lev dat sugar mumy, and face ur holla at ur boy

  166. Okey E says:

    theres gotta be plenty gals of ur age out there whiz, why dont u let tonto remain just a big sis, while u luk 4 a gul that suits u(i recomend the holla at ur boi gal)

  167. Khazeem says:

    Its a bad habit why dike shes a useless whore 4 ur liken

  168. Just Naira says:

    Wizzy, why not go for a girl of your age?

  169. edwin chukwudi says:

    wizkid look for sm1 at ur age to marry;toto did nt fit u….toto is a spoiled lady.recomandatn:holla @ ur boi gal.luv ya

  170. Jagacruz says:

    Wizkid please admit your luv to tochukwu or tonto watever. I think she is just a b***h if she cant control her f***ing p***y becuz of u. No beef please, just that she should be ashame. Anyway wizzy i am a fan of urz so i wont say much to u just stay clear from such celeb ashewo. Lol

  171. victoria gud artist says:

    Wiskid how can we see coz l want to blow my music with you
    am also a musician but am still working on my own,please if you accept just let me know by calling this number.07030568018.THANKS.

  172. Pshaw Raymond says:

    T.h.a.t.z r.e.a.l.y awsome,big ups to the couple,for the sex scandal,itz 99.9% lie and 1% true.

  173. mikeInGhana says:

    Foolish boy and a cheap bitch will be a nice couple and ur sex tape is not even gud enough to be a porn, try again

  174. swizzchick says:

    Wizboy dnt dull

  175. deo gratias says:

    hmmmmmm people with comment. well its good sha. let hook up on facebook, my id is deo gratias, clerance peter is my profile pics……….we need people for video shot which is coming up next week. jassy generation .

  176. jennysexy1 says:

    hi bro.in love we d,nt care abt age.u hav said it all dat she is ur frnd both on twitter nd in nollywood so we better believe dat.nd i believe u ibrahim ok.if u like my comment u ping me am jenny 07066453824

  177. romola says:

    wizfather,watz up?u and tonto dike fit marry jare.u dey weed,she dey weed.u dey sing rubbish,she dey act nonsense.she dey involve in scandal,u sef no dey clean.u pple na perfect match.

  178. Alimi fatai says:

    My guy abeg jaye ori e the girl self need am.

  179. Richkid***** says:

    leave them alone. dem dey gbadun am. sex na exercise. u fit go praktis am alone.

  180. obi/emeka says:

    wizkid is not bad for some one to love or for u to love some one.dont mind what people say,age is only a number not love.[LOVE TONTO IF U CAN]she is one of my best actress and she have all things men need in a womam.I WESHE SHE IS MY.07068450215

  181. precious princess says:

    ya rite,wiz,2 tel u d truth,i fink dat chick on ur video is hot n more prettier than toto dick.Gues d whole superstar tin is gettin into ur head,men,sit tight n fink wel.U ain’t doing rite u know.

  182. omolara says:

    it a nice

  183. Onome Ogoro says:

    Wizboi nd Tonto nos wat dey wan,ppl shld mind dere busy abeg!

  184. Favour says:

    I dont see any problem in their relationship, it depends on the both parties so you guys should leave them alone

  185. Happy says:

    if i may asked,Tonto how old are u, and Wiz how old are u?

  186. dicks says:

    just knw d truth abt it nw

  187. allman says:

    not bad , u re now a man on ur own . guy go 4 want u want

  188. Beardmore lawrence says:

    wizkid i like u jor sail on,u can as well get me one big sister like her.norhm_vorhum4real@yahoo.com 07061289404

  189. princessebony says:

    guy,dnt go 4,her dnt u hav plans,cnt u be humble,cnt u date ur mate.081877

  190. philorespect says:

    itz a very wicked collabo, hope they know what they are doing.

  191. eunice says:

    why wont talented people respect God and theirselves? Tonto u ar turning to something else. U ar a disgrace to womanhood. Tufiakwa!

  192. Love says:

    If me i luv wizkid….pls how can i get his nos?am in luv wit him

  193. Love says:

    Even me i luv wizkid….pls how can i get his nos?am in luv wit him

  194. Buchi says:

    Wait oooo me am searching…..any pretty ibo gurl dat wants relationship dat may lead into marriage should call me 08032670347….not above 35

  195. twiskid says:

    Flex wizzy

  196. Don Cacheot says:

    Dude, it dosn’t matter. As lng as ur jst friends, go ahead n date her. But wens it leads 2 marriage “DON” won’t advise u 2 marry her. Tonto is gud, independent minded person, emotionally hunted, caring, and above-all; a gud christain. She has a goal b4 her. Marring Tonto, em… Only if u won’t hurt her,go ahead. After all “LUV DOES’NT COST ANYTHING”. 4 more advise hia are numbers, u can beep me: 08064722848 or 08103134094. I luv y’all. Keep up d gud work.

  197. Don Cacheot says:

    Well… I 4got sth. Tonto ur my birthday mate 2. At least, i’ve got a superstar as a bday mate.

  198. Ij says:

    Nawa ooo. if it’s true or not,it’s all gud.

  199. Amanda cyril says:

    Ah!ah!y all dese craps wen we heard d dude clearly dah he got nofn to do wt d dame,MISCONCEPTN dah dy r dating.*hiss*moreova,wetin cncern us??

  200. Francis says:

    Ibeg make una liv dis guy alone he has told u pple wat he hav 2 say u’re nt gona force him 2 tel u odawise……wizy i tnk u av done ur part by telin dem ur story wit tonto its left 4 dem 2 bliv it or nt,, even if u’re goin out wit here its nobodis biznes go ahead nd do de tin u knw hw 2 do best am PROUD of u jaré let dem talk na dem get thr mouth

  201. Francis ugochukw says:

    Wiz kid nobi small phlin if he decides 2 date tonto its his choice now he’s tellin u pple dat he dnt av anytin 2 do wit her y cant u guys just bliv him??? Nawa oo world pple wit thr wahala self

  202. Stanzy priceless says:

    Wiz,i dy feel ur luv stories.bt luv dnt cost a tin.y dnt u bulshit al dis luv stories & get goin wit ur lif…

  203. Enene Bassey says:

    Wizzy u shld knw that as a star there will always be rumors..i will advise u 2 countinue wit ur good work..ur stil a young dude.

  204. Henry says:

    Wizkid and tonto i need ur help pls , 07067401574.

  205. Samuel fowowe says:

    Bro i fill u are free to dat u want but watch b4 u leap.wIZKID I NID UR HElp am a young muscian am sixteen years old.i nid ur assistant.my number is 08151864752

  206. Jennybrandy says:

    It fits d both of u…….tonto call me wit dis numba i wana tell u somtin u need to kw,am a chude’s younga sista princess(07063934338)

  207. Double Cee says:

    Wizkidayo carry deh go joor!!! Make dem wine der mouth d way dey lyk…..bt man,free Tonto,she is a very bad gurl wit evil motive.If u dont know hw 2 smoke,she won’t hesitate 2 teach u dat 1 sharp sharp….lolz….shine ur eyes dude

  208. samuel A.K.A(samilo'o) says:

    helo wizzy boy what up don’t mind does talking about you and tonto dike i think they are envious of your blowing in the industry and outside the industry,tonto dike is a cute actress so they think you are on date with her,people keep on gossiping here n there don;t mind,and remember 2baba’s and MI song,if nobody talks about you den u’re nobody

  209. Decent says:

    Not in right flame of man 2 talk.

  210. Violet says:

    Wiz kid i dey holla at ur name.let me give u diz advice cos i lv u.tonto is nt ur type nd plz 4 nw just 4get abot girlz nd focus on ur career.wen u re lyk 22 u cn date whoeva nd any type of girl u lyk.wiz kid we all lv u nd we want d best 4 u.we dont wana hear dat u ave ended ur career.u luk lyk my boyfrnd in ur face bt i only tin dat changes d apperance is d nose.u nd tonto cn b only frndz plz.plz plz nd plz take diz advice.it wil help u.lv u

  211. Violet says:

    Plz accept d advice big guy wad up

  212. D'PricelessGuy says:

    wiiizzzy.u too much,ma broda….abeg don dull urself oo cos u be d BAD GUY wey dem dey find….U & tonto dike fit eachoda…DOOONNN DULLL…:)

  213. Preciousgold says:

    Wizkid abeg dont answer dem dem b bad belle people dey dnt like gud tin atall…..abeg bad belle people free wizkid let him be

  214. harmony says:

    guy if u and tonto what ever she calls her name, what’s u 2 fuck her;fuck tight and go ur way

  215. Uchecelia says:

    Wizboy, i want you to be responsible for your actions. Don’t let people talk u into doing what u won’t be proud of

  216. Flow guy says:

    Na who con dey lace buckle, btw 2 of dem…

  217. Flow guy says:

    Who dey lace buckle btw 2 of dem???

  218. Chizy says:


  219. Chizy says:

    Wizkid my boy,age is nt a barrier 2 luv.BT I WIL ADVICE U 2 FACE UR STUDIES ND CAREER NW.ND 4GET ABT GALS 4 NW.

  220. bouquiola says:

    I fink U̶̲̥̅̊ guyz shud leave whizkid nd tonto alone.Y dnt U̶̲̥̅̊ jst mind ur damn biz…Jst b’coz ‘D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ r supastarz does nt min U̶̲̥̅̊ cn tuk †☺ dem anyow.plz mind ur fuckin biz..

  221. bouquiola says:

    I fink U̶̲̥̅̊ guyz shud leave whizkid nd tonto alone.Y dnt U̶̲̥̅̊ jst mind ur damn biz…Jst b’coz ‘D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ r supastarz does nt min U̶̲̥̅̊ cn tuk †☺ dem anyow.plz mind ur fuckin biz..08067447112

  222. kelly says:

    all i ave got 2 say iz dat wizkid made his choice n if he wanna spnd hiz entire life wif tonto dat aint our buznez datz 4r him. The age dozn’t mata so far dat d love iz diat dae cn make it.so wizzy it iz ur choice n ur lyf n tym jst make hay while d sun still shines.

  223. kelly says:

    wizkid n tonto re human’s jst lyk u n i.so we shld learn on hw 2 apperciate gud tinz wen we c or hear 1.bsidz i dnt c any tin bad in both of dem bein 2geda coz a day shall cum wen we wld all be lyk dem n hw re we goin 2 feel wen pple comment abt our partnerz. Wizzy u re d man jst do wat ur hrt tellz u.

  224. kelly says:

    wizzy ma bro jst 4rget abt gurlz n face ur studiez n ur music coz datz wat iz reali important.den afta dat u cn den nw tink of gurls,who u love n who u wanna marry. Plz!

  225. Mabel says:

    Guys he jst said dey arnt datin, @ wiz, if realy tonto is who u want dere is no stopin u, bt forst u av 2 fink of it crticaly, ar u ready 2 risk endin up with sum1 who is olda dan u and myt (sum point along d line) slap dat fact 2 ur face, and as a man dat wud realy hurt ur ego big tym, or wud u rather b with sum1 ur age or sum1 u myt b olda dan, its ur call, if u ar ready 2 risk it den its realy gud….. Enjoy

  226. Vellixy says:

    Well sha! What ever the mind can concieve nd believe,the mind can achieve. . .

  227. Nelly igho says:

    Even if wizkid wants to date/dating tonto,its a normal thing..age is doesnt matter in a relationship.maria carey is getting along perfectly so y nt let wizkid be….08100708636

  228. Adepoju temilola says:

    All i know is wat will be will surely beeeee

  229. Ebuska says:

    Nd even if wizkid date tontodike wats people consign there, any way there this talk which says dat Love count no ealor, so nomater d age so far as d love is there no problem, but people let be wise pls

  230. Osato says:

    Those of u guys saying ” she’s too old”,”go find yr mate” and stuff like dat.Na foolishness dey worry una big time.Wats ur business if he is wit d “holla at ur boy” girl?N dat idiot who said cuz its Tonto,it wont last,really needs to check his own life.Pple who make u think ur decisions aint perfect,their lives get fucked up.D decision isnt urs,its his,if he wants to be wit an older girl its his choice,wat if she’s jst d perfect girl for him? Point is,mind ur fucking bizwax.Live ur life,he is living his.N wateva he tells us about his luv life is wat he wants us to know.Stop being being all up in his mix.Get a life loosers!

  231. Ebuka forlan paul says:

    U no get respect o!!!Am ashame of u,tonto is not ur type she old enough to be ur mother, if u can sex u mother then go 4 her, people like u brings corruption to our nation, non sence wiskid

  232. Mercy kamah says:

    Swthrt u just follow ur hrt o.k

  233. Mercy kamah says:

    08161399540 can u kol? Cos we need 2 talk

  234. Otutayo mercy says:

    Wiz kid, u are too smal for all dis ,forget tonto nd focus on ur study.ok ?

  235. Ishmael dinala says:

    Wizkid! 2 say frankly Tonto is not ur dating age mate,find ur self a girl who can fit u @ all. good luky!

  236. Hunter Campanile says:

    Please tell me we really didn’t look like that, dress that way, and dance prefer that? I swear I saw a guy who could pass to get a sista, another Michael Jackson “don’t stop til you will get enough” video clone, and Rhianna’s mother (the chick with your ex hair as a result of her ass dancing in some sort of baby doll lingerie outfit). Oh that i’m sure I saw a Rick James wannabe in there too. Pretty much everything before 10 each morning!

  237. Sir.joe says:

    Guy if i be u i go cary go all u want is peace of love cary go my guy dont luk back ooooo na ur lock 07068292178

  238. Hassino says:

    Wizkid is an under age and he is not match

  239. Sir.joe says:

    My guy dont mind dem all u want is peace of love if u bolt are in love go on dont luk back wiz! Wiz!! Wiz!!! + tonto! Tonto!! Tonto!!! I LOVE U ALL ( 07068292178

  240. Eze Evaristus. says:

    Al i knw s dat tontoo dike s foolish,arogant,and above all sturburn,everythifen betwen her and my man wizzy ar mistakes,she shuld go and marry her age ma tes

  241. gidion says:

    weda big or small age is still nothing but from 20 years wizzy boy to an old tonto years imagine let her look 4people us we can handle dat


    I wana blow a big shoutout to all my fans hu has been with me all dis while praying 4 me nd al dat, i must say u guys are d best.

    U can get wizkid on: 07032603275 & 4 outsyd nigeria: +2347032603275
    twitter: wizkidayo

    ….i remain ur *star boy* wizzy, peace out!!

  243. Ayodeji Eleshinnla says:

    Wizkid omo rere be eyan, wo(see) don’t mind dem just thank God for d rumors. See all dis na d thing wa M.I & Tuface talk about 4 there song titled NOBODY so my guy just dey do ur thing. Pls d film wey u wan do with bankyw which time e go come out.(R.S.V.P).

  244. Okaztle says:

    This can’t be true

  245. Becky says:

    U all sayin positive tyns abt dis 2 luv birds re all sick in d head wetin b una own una no dey tk eyes see beta tyn bcos una no wizzy abi my star actress tonto abeg mk una go rest mi ma dey trip 4 tonto bcos am a lesbian nd i luv ha die sm1 shud help mi get ha contact pls

  246. ohagwu christopher says:

    no lele wizkid is one of those things a super star must cross to pass

  247. Betzy says:

    @becky………..shame no dy catch u 2 talk say u b….3737….FOOl…………………balogun…u re fake datz nt wizzy’s fone numba….xo get a life n stp tryna b wizkid………………@ all d commenters…e dn do na……wizzy is nt dating tonto ooo….even tonto dn talk sha…even if em dy date……e no concern una..joor…….:.mature frndz shuld gve mi a beep…080…(SIX,NINE,THREE,SIX,FORTY,FIFTEEN.)…..

  248. isatou dumbuya says:

    age does not matter if my boy wizkid love her n she love him too wat are they waiting for then they can date even if they want to get married let them go ahead thats nothing let them do watever gonna pleas them

  249. Matthew nyam says:

    Wizkid pls if u cant hold her give her 2 me i luv tonto

  250. Magson says:

    Wizkid i want u to take a good look of ur past,Tonto she is a segret smooker,n public transport sexy machine also a nyphomaniac she cuz a beive within mikel n 2face.Tonto is a red pumpix sexy gal pls forget n forcuz on ur fyture.

  251. Opeoluwa says:

    If 2ruly dey re datng,he no go last;seriously there is sumthin abt nigerians dat i dont understand,why do they go 4 already made goods?

  252. Joelfelix52 says:

    I’m happy about the issue of wizkid and tonto. If i were him i will marry her because i don’t see anything bad in marring a woman that is older than you as far as she is a woman i will marry her. This is my phone number 08137101166

  253. Alvin says:

    U too much bro!! I like wen i c u in a flight mode,, somtyms u sing i c u in ma nite mair. I don care who u date afta all Adam got d seed to d g.string. Hallo ur boi na dull girl even tonto want tease u. Pakuromo na ur surname. I want b like u if i get name. Live ur life to d fullest.

  254. young sang says:

    pls men and woman leave tonto and wizkid alone

  255. young sang says:

    wizkid come on with the lady you love okay

  256. young sang says:

    Wizkid carry on with the girl you love, bcos i think she lovers you too

  257. Anita love says:

    But why is she pregnant for him.
    because she said that she is pregnant for the little boy wizkid.

  258. Anita love says:

    but in everything you all should know that (TO LOVE IS NOT A CRIME TELL IT TO EVERY MAN)

  259. Anita love says:



  260. Mildred Jackreece says:

    pls naija’s lets us try and leave celebrities and their doings u can neva tell about their in and outs.

  261. reanta says:

    wizkid u are my rolemodel what kind of legacy are u laying down for me i hate tonto she is surpose 2 b ashamed of herself

  262. Nksystem says:

    Wizy u are a disgres

  263. Maryjean says:

    No do dat kind tin ooh face ur studies

  264. ROZZPOP says:

    wizkid, if this is true, it ain’t bad, you guyz are both celebrities. you can as well call her anytime to satisfy your sexual urge. as for tonto dike, that is what she likes doing most,,,messing around,,,lol

  265. jboy says:

    @wizboi,just one word 4 u.ur career shld b ur concern nw,tak a step after neato c :1st Msc in d music industry.u cld break d record.@al wiz funs,pls potray 9ja wel,we ar deciet pple.words lik fuck,pussy,bitch shld nt b use on post lik dis.@wizboi,enjoy urself bt tak am softly n use condom.dot b father of all nation.learn frm oder pple mistakes n b wise.bad guyz!

  266. Angel Thomas says:

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  267. Juliet Anselem says:

    wizzy, if u truly love tonto dnt hesitate 2 take her 2 d altar. Wsh u d best in life,u cn call me if u wsh

  268. Edumillions says:

    Wizzy, for me dis is not a big deal coz i tink dat @ 20, one is old enough to know wat is gud or bad for him or her. So stop been shy, follow ur hat & make ur decisions rytly as a man & stop listenig to side talk. But remmba to b kiaful in everytin u do, may God b wit u as u make ur chois.

  269. Debbyhandy says:

    Wizzy,abeg follow ur mate nowww,i no say age na numba o,na achievement b d “koko” bt ntwtstandin,u stil gas 2 follow ur mate,babe plenty 4 so many skuls wey dey find u.i dey alws feel ur swags,u get mouth.

  270. Stephanie uche says:

    Wizkid one thing is that b whatever u are. but remove things of life in ur mind focus on God and just know is by his mercy he made u a star as for tonto God loves u just repent and seek for his mercy upon ur life cos he is the owner of ur air u breath each seconds

  271. Claradabo says:

    Lov has notin to do wit age

  272. King DANIEL. says:

    Wizkid u dey hear me abi,dis one na advice no be course o,chek tonto dike and chek urself as a couple tommorrow,its not just a disgrace to ur family but to ur entire life.dont mind deceivers like dem o,they ar chop, clean mouth, and tell u bye bye.now the secrete is this:=>tonto is afta ur moni o(ego) if u were a truck pusher guess wat……,.,. ….now u ar a star they will be out 4 the so called enjoyment wit u ,just take it or leav it but dont say u wer’nt adviced o eh eh okei.4 the girls out de,10 cats cant fall in luv with a small rat but not insult o,my man just b wise like ur nickname wiz or they will do u OJOROO o and a word is enough 4 d wizkid o .thanks all 9ja pple.am king DANIEL d wise1.=and kal dis 4 ur advice =>08136218487.

  273. Dis is soo 4uny bt hencs de luv each others dey shld go ahead bt i may advice wizkid to go bk to her frist luv nd liv tonto becos life is all abt luv sooi snd my greetin to u wizkid u ar my best friend, u cant marri som 1 dat is greted dem u soo u can call me if u want 07039874731

  274. Janice says:

    I love whizkid he can sang!

  275. iykoblingz says:

    wizi r u turning into becoming 2face? U go gv dem bele o. Sha i am ur biggest fan. Kudos

  276. Njagnes says:

    Dn’t giv an ear 2 wht pple say,if u luv her go ahead,but i dn’t beliv u ar date her,she is my best of all in nollywood.peace bro

    • Miss fun says:

      Shame on does supportin d affairs of wizkid n tonto,if care is na tken u ll fuck ur litle sisters

  277. Miss fun says:

    Wizkid is like tontos son,he is 2 small n 2 young 4 her,tonto shame on u

  278. Duchess charity says:

    Woman don suffer 4 Niger wetin b all dis, if 50years old man marry 20yo girl no wahala, for my area now wealthy young woman 31yo woman marry 58yo man no palava 4 dis, some men need virgin girl 4 marriage when them too don dip diferent pussy, some want adventurous lady way sabi do, u no no his taste, niger people why una no dey support true love, all u pple cares is AGE, fame, name, class etc what Tonto and wiz needs is ur support and advice nothing more, abi na una he wan marry Tonto 4, FOOD 4 THOUGHT 4 ALL, IF U AVOID LOVE OR U NEVER MARRY D 1 U LUV IT WILL HURT U ALL D DAY OF UR LIFE

  279. simon(ice) says:

    wizkid,,,ma guy enjoy ooooooo all man gat der lifz 2 live..neva u follow anoda man mouth bcoz dey feel sumtin rung abt u.guy liv ur life witout regret ooo.if tonto giv u 2ru bak guy fuck oooo,mak u no go start regret leta..4 more advic u fit PING MI On22A52663

  280. DIDI says:

    Disgusting replies. N u tlking who said u dnt have a condemned rod? Think before tlking. Gone are d days women married any man. Me I am looking for a virgin guy. Mtcheew.

  281. winnie says:


  282. laven says:

    guyz!!!..abeg make una free am jorh. abi hm tell una say hm dy date ha ne???…..dm no dy tell blind man say rain dy fall oh, if hm c say hm lyk ha nd wan date ha hm no need una advice oh!!!!….wizkid abeg settle dwn choze betta lafing.

  283. Jiro waffy says:

    Wizy u don fuck up, wetin tonto give u eat na pussy abi na manchester. small pikin wey use grounding stone te learn hw to carry load nor go tall again.

  284. hannah okoh says:

    U PPL SHUD LEAVE DEM ALONE O!!!!!! shuo,,,,,,,is it ur business if dey want to date???…….wizzy,if u luv her……oya na…..wat re u waiting for again??? if u rily luv her, dnt be doing “‘BIG SISTER O”"…….u always remain da best………m awt!!

  285. jande paul says:

    y do people bring flimzy rumourz abt ma no1 WIZZY??k nw he has said they hv nufin 2geda nd its tru ‘cos he cnt date sum1 lyk tonto ‘cos tonto z 4 d big fishes….D WATSUP IS DAT PAPA GOD PUT HIM ONTOP JEHOVA Z HIS GUY GAVE HIM SUPPORT SO BADT MAN LOKUP N LOGOFF!!!!

  286. Chichiruth says:

    Is it true dat tonto bought wizkid a car? Wizkid u are 2 small 2 start talking abt gal frend,or is it cos of ur muzic or wot? y cant u luk 4 ur class cos if u are dating tonto u beta quitcos she will use u like a ball en dump u like a dusbin

  287. zee says:

    wizzy u quite too young for all dese women n marriage talks…u have a great talent n u doing great..dnt let pple n such issues ruin u…u see a gal of ur choice, go for her n continue wit wat u gud at….no distractions… naija amebo too much jare.

  288. Serg Forum says:

    Actually she should be your husband and you her wife :D

  289. Sandra says:

    Wateva u knw dat its d right tin 2 do,wizzy abeg do so bt if i’m 2 chose,i’ll take dat slim fair pretty gal in ur album,”Holla at ur boy”

  290. damilohotguy says:

    wizkid u don forget me abi no problem the truth is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. damilohotguy says:

    hey guy to cont our friend call me on 08093750839

  292. Kolaolatunde says:

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  293. YMCMB says:

    OMG Tonto Wey Fresh Like Apple!!!!! If I Have My Way With Her Eh I Go Give Her Lowkey Tins. Moreover, Most Guys Dey Follow Under Age Girls Y Girls No Fit Follow Under Age Guys Eh?!!!

  294. Chris says:

    Love has alot to do wit age, dnt be foold… Beta b just a friend to any gal at ur age…i dnt thnk its time 4 u to talk about marriage now… Tonto time may hav pasd d time u wil b ready…enjoy wit God!

  295. Dera says:

    Atimes Love can be funny

  296. Victory says:

    Guy u musicians said that luv is blind i will advice u, that ur luv should nt b blind ooo bcs in terms of fit she no fit u @ all so let it b as u said that u tak her as ur sis & friend only no pass that.

  297. matthew says:

    u called smbody ur sis and u wnt 2 mawi her,dat insane o dnt go 4 it and just let her be ur sister has u said i prefer d holl at ur boi gurl coz he is young and beautiful so just go 4 her@wizzy u are d best as 4 me.

  298. Lawrence Modric says:

    Wizkid am from Akwa Ibom Ayaya my name is Zillions i have a song to ft u pls can u call on dis number 08067161234 i promise u wil like it, pls just cal THANKS

  299. Lawrence Modric says:

    Wizzy am from Akwa Ibom Ayaya my name is Zillions i have a song to ft u pls can u call on dis number 08067161234 i promise u wil like it, pls just cal THANKS

  300. Omogbemi says:

    Y’all fools are spittin vulgar shits 4rm ya oral cavity. The tym wasted in talkin and lookin into other pple’s buziness is more than enof 2 make rich celebs if dats ur dream. U guyz should think productively. Ciao

  301. Omogbemi says:

    Y’all fools are just spittin vulgar shits 4rm ya oral cavity. The tym wasted on talkin and lookin into other pple’s buziness is more than enof 2 make y’all rich celebs if dats ur dream. U guyz should think productively. Ciao

  302. ehimen says:

    not 2 bad to dat whom u want 2 dat.

  303. ehimen says:

    wizzy u can cal me on 08133651158

  304. dydx says:

    Wizkid !!abeg I no wan make sh do u watin delailah do samson,den 4 u guyz wey say age no be barrier,I doubt say una gurlfrnd senior una!!abi una wan make if tonto slap am one day,,,america and niger no resemble o!!!! If ur mother senior ur father,u go like am??????

  305. EGHOSA PAULISH says:

    WIZKID it not bad to date a girl you like. its all about your emotions.And for Tonto she is a pretty and sexy lady.
    I will continue to watch your video and admire your natural sewag

  306. Gordon Tom says:

    Mehn… Tonto is a sexy and romantic gal. Wizkid i trip dat gal die jor.. U can go on wit ha. 4gt dat age stuff, run ha wela and u can stil go on wit ur hala at ur boi gal, tonto dos’nt has to knw. Wizkid as ‘d badest boi’ wa u be run am well….

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