London Based Socialite, Olaide Taiwo Jailed In the UK For Benefit Fraud

London Based Socialite, Olaide Taiwo Jailed In the UK For Benefit Fraud

Nemesis finally caught up with a London based socialite,  Olaide Taiwo as he was sentenced to eight and a half years in jail for tax credit fraud by a UK court judge, Simon Davis.Close friends and associates who did not know his source of wealth wonder how someone who relocated ...

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American Idol: J Lo Breaks Down On Set, Nigerian-Born Naima Adedapo shines

American Idol: J Lo Breaks Down On Set, Nigerian-Born Naima Adedapo shines

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Segun Arinze Welcomes Baby No 3

Segun Arinze Welcomes Baby No 3

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The World’s Largest Family Unit: 1 Man, 39 Wives, 94 Children and 33 Grandchildren

The World’s Largest Family Unit: 1 Man, 39 Wives, 94 Children and 33 Grandchildren

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February 19th, 2011  GE admin  1 Comment »

In this interview with Nollywood’s sexy actress Omotola J. Ekehinde, she talks about her marriage, music and acting career, her favorite international artiste and more. The mother four who married when she was 18 years has a 13 yr old. The glo ambassador and philantrophist has become more selective in her movie choices hence she is starring in few but quaility movies.

Here is the excerpts from the interview:

Do you still find time to cook your hubby’s meal?

I do all the time. I always cook in bulk if I am travelling. They bring it out and warm from the microwave. Even if I’m in the middle of a shoot, if I have to, I’ll come back, especially if something urgent comes up. It hardly happens. Basically, I cook in large quantities. It’s something I’ve trained myself for. The only problem is NEPA. There are times when there’s no light or the generator is bad. Then they have to turn out stuff. I don’t like de-frozen food.

Before Ije, We had stopped seeing you in movies. We only heard about you in the music industry; is music conflicting with your movie career?

No. Absolutely not. I’m just chilling not to be in too many movies at this period; because there are not too many projects out there right now that I really want to do. There are a few movies that I love and recently I’ve have shot about four of them, that’s straight to video movies. Otherwise I’m also looking more to shoot movies like ‘IJE‘ and also to encourage the producers and directors of such movies. You know, promoting such movies takes a lot of time; you have to travel around and all that. I really have been travelling to promote other movies. I have another project called ‘Mind game and I’ve been promoting that since last year as well, just as i did ‘IJE’ . So, that’s what I’ve mostly been doing with the movie side of my life but otherwise I’ve shot other movies on the local scene.

You have one album to your credit and the second one is coming out; has it been promising so far? {EDITOR’S NOTE: Omotola’s second album Me, Myself and Eyes, has since been released}

Absolutely! Extremely, in fact. I’ve always known that nothing good comes easy so I’m not one of those people who come in and think everything has to go their way. I know most times that you really have to work hard to get things and I know that if nothing else, something has to give you a fight. I know that I have to be strong-willed, confident and hardworking. I know exactly what to expect. I think I’m surprised that things are catching up quickly and faster than I thought it would. I’m really bracing up for a big fight not only in Nollywood but around the world. It’s never been easy for people to cross over from movies to music likewise from music to movies. I envisaged a very tough fight and very hard terrain. You know, a lot of people think it’s just something you do to pass time because you are bored or there is something else you are looking for.

Has marriage been fun?

It’s been interesting, very interesting. In marriage, there are times when you want to be free; there are times when you feel it’s the best. There are times when you fight. Even with your parents it’s the same. There are times when you want to be with them, there are times when you just want to get out. My marriage has been good. We are normal people. When I don’t want to see him i do not see him. We give each other space. We don’t choke each other. We fight, we play, and we talk to each other. When we wanted to be married we decided to be natural. We don’t lie to each other. If I goof I tell him.

But you were just 18 when you married, how much did you know then?

At 18, I was wiser than a lot of 20 – something year olds. What I’m living on now are legacies I set for myself when I was younger. I was in tune with God.

Most actresses’ marriages don’t work. What are you doing differently?

Like I said, I think its God. Anything that’s not built on God is not going to last. I’ll advise actresses not to fall in love with their fans. I might be wrong. And then, your partner must be God-fearing. You must know your source. It’s a bastard that describes his father’s house with a left hand. My marriage is totally built around Jesus. I might appear sexy tomorrow. But I know where I’m coming from. I and my husband are scriptural people. The fact that I’m not cheating on my husband is because I fear someone that’s not there. Not because I love him so much. Man to man, the worst that can happen is divorce… but with God, you don’t mess with his laws and go free…God is the foundation. Then the blocks you build on it is communication… some spouses are not making as much money as the actors… you must make them understand what is going on… I will not lie that since I got married I have not seen one or two guys that I admire…I know its infatuation… when I see it’s getting bigger than that, I discuss it with my husband… anyone can be infatuated. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And the safest person to talk about it to is your spouse…it’s always a big step for me…even with God, when you confess your sins, it’s like magic, you just see that you’ve grown past it…so we communicate… when you try to fight things by yourself, you lose… you get deeper, deeper, and you think you’ve gone too far to go back… then you sink… and I want to say that when people’s marriages break up, its not always because they’re wayward or because they just dump their homes. We need to help them. We treat marriage as if it’s just an affair. Especially for our career, there’s so much pressure. Don’t care what anyone says, if not you’ll start to run a race that you can not win…I’ve learnt that steady wins the race…

If you were a man, would you marry Omotola?

Omotola is the best wife anybody can ever have. I’m the best gift any man can have. I’m very independent and inexpensive. I’m very driven, very principled and a good mother to my kids. My husband is lucky to have me. So if I were a man I’d marry Omotola. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle her. I’m a very complex person. I don’t think like everybody else… I don’t compromise…I’m a non-conformist… to me there’s nothing like Nigerian standard… I’m extremely strict. It’s not easy to work with me…things don’t easily impress me… I demand a lot of character from people…I don’t encourage frivolities and I hate excuses, so it’s hard for people to be around me.

With the rage of plane crashes, are you putting pressure on your husband to retire?

If you know pilots very well, you’ll realize that they’re happiest when they’re on air. I can’t tell him not to fly. That’s what he loves to do. I fly a lot too. It unfortunate that when planes crash, people talk about it a lot. But air transport is still the safest. there’re lots of road crashes every day… my husband’s been flying since he was 17,  and he’s one of the youngest captains Nigeria has ever had…how can you stop him now?

What’s your relationship with your husband’s family?

The truth of the matter is I have never, God in heaven is my witness, I have never had any fracas, not even argument with anyone from my husband’s family… they even send me things they think is good for my job… My mother in-law stays in the US, she sends me jewellery. She’s a very cosmopolitan woman… she’s on top of trends. She sends me beads and all that. My father in-law is the one I’d have expected to be worried, but he’s not even bothered…he even harasses us for movies. So my in-laws are my fans. They’re really great.

So you don’t see your ‘Omosexy’ going stale?

I’m scared. Even people like Nkiru Anumudu, Florence Ita Giwa…they all call me Omosexy. I was on a flight with a female pastor one day and she called me Omosexy…at first I was fighting it…but now I’m used to it. That’s the pet name my husband calls me – he calls me Omosexy and I call him honey boy, so when he bought me a jeep, the number plate was Omosexy…that’s it!

With Beyonce’s portrait on your wall, I can tell she’s your favourite international artiste, right?

Yeah, she’s my number one and Madonna too though, as an extension. I grow every day. I’m actually growing into myself. I totally love Beyonce, just like I like Justin Timberlake. I totally love them both. I love Beyonce’s music and her personality. I don’t easily like things. I don’t even know about the similarities between her and myself. But I won’t deny her. I like her and I love her. I’m not trying to be like her. She’s Beyonce and I’m Omotola. I write my own songs… people have just started giving me kudos for that. I’ll even love for people to give me credit for that…most singers don’t write their own songs. I write from my heart. I feel my songs. It’s an expression of what I felt when I was writing and recording those songs. so on stage I’m myself when I’m on stage… that’s me and that’s where I love to be. That’s the truth. I hope to get better. I was recently listening to Janet Jackson‘s first album, I think mine is better. So I’m consoled.

You can’t deny the fact that you’re seen as a sex symbol

I can’t deny it. I’ve come to accept it. Few years back I was running away from it because I didn’t want it to bring scandals, especially because I’m married. I’ve grown into it because people know the difference. They respect me and find me positive. I’ve heard kids call me Omosexy and their parents don’t tell them shut up. I was with the president recently and he called me Omosexy, and I was like, oh, that’s cool. So you can be sexy and responsible. I hope I’ve changed something…

What thing would you never be caught doing?

Nothing, one of my rules of life is never say never. I just believe that life is dynamic and you can’t see beyond today. I don’t know where God is taking me tomorrow. Life is about change. It’s about new things. You live to see tomorrow. You live to see new things, so why kill the excitement before it happens. So I’m always open to the next agenda.

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