Many people were stunned to hear that attending New Year’s Eve service is now a luxury at the popular Christ Embassy Church in Lagos, Nigeria.

Church members were made to part with N1, 000 each as gate fee before they could gain access to attend the church’s

 New Year’s Eve service, According to Lindaikeji’s blog only members who could afford the N1, 000 gate fee were allowed into the premises of Christ Embassy Headquarters at Oregun, Lagos, where self-styled cleric and business man, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, preached on 31 December 2010.

Those members who could not afford the N1, 000 tickets, were sent back by security men at the gate. The church was said to have realized about N25 million from about 25, 000 members who bought the tickets. 

While giving their reason for charging access fee, an anonymous member of the church said it was their pastor’s idea to control crowd.

“Pastor said that to control the crowd and only allow genuine members who could do anything to be in church, it was good to pay a gate fee. Last year for instance, even senior pastors in the church could not secure a seat in the church on New Year’s Eve service,”
At the back of the ticket is a bold inscription: “This ticket admits one person.” 

This development is sickening and the government should intervene in this type of situation to avoid churches from ripping gullible worshippers from their hard earned money.

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  • Kemi

    I’m so outraged by this. How disgusting for a place of God or a man of God for that matter to be charging worshipers. Does God charge him to hear his prayers?

    This is just sad all around. His worshipers should be angry by this! This is a classic case of when people who claim to be men of God have strayed far far away from God himself.

  • Akin

    Na wa o. Has church become a club? They are now charging cover fee.

  • BB

    This is gospel taken too far, can’t blv this in 20th century

  • David

    He should be made refund all the money collected

  • Ibhade

    I still just can’t get over the ‘shock’…m-e-h-n! his followers are really ZOMBIES!..PASTOR SAID THIS! PASTOR SAID THAT! SO WHAT DOES GOD SAY EHN?

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